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In The First Term, 20 Recommendations Were Preseled Epidemiology 4, Scores 3, Diagnostic Tools 4, Treatment 6 and De-Escalation Approaches 3. After The Second Round, The Following 12 Were Validated: 1 Epidemiology 2 Recommendations: Think About Candidiasis In Your Intensive Care Unit ICU AND DO NOT FORGET THAT NON-CANDIDA Albicans-Candida Species Also Exist.

OBTAIN STERILE FLUID AND TISSUE, IF Possible Direct Examination of The Sample Is Important. Use Non-culture Based Methods as Microbiological Tools, Whenever Possible. Determination of antifungal susceptibility is mandatory. Choose Echinocandins. Withdraw Any Central Venous Catheter. FundosCopy is Needed.

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Dating with gay dating from Onil in Alicante.

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