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All happy families (2006) is their most recent book.

/ … The truth is that she did not spend too much. She read. She went to concerts and museums alone, to the movies and to eat with Elizabeth. The situation that separated her from her husband was for her a duel. There was by means of a delation, a death a dead. But the perfume Chanel, the Schiaparelli hat, the Balenciaga tailor suit … had changed so much, in such a short time, fashion how it was going to show Laura with Skirt of Flapper Charleston dancer and haircut to the clear Bow, When you had to dress like Hollywood’s new stars. They lowered their skirts, the hair was rippled, the busts were spotted with large palapas, those who dared used silk night suits entitled to the body, as Jean Harlow the platinum blonde, and a fashionable hat was indispensable. A woman only took off her hat to sleep or play tennis. Even in the pool, the Gorite of Hule was imposed, you had to protect the undulating Marcel … / The years with Laura Díaz Carlos Fuentes

SPASTOR Sergio Pastor and Ismael Alcaina were born in 1975 in Girona and Barcelona, ​​respectively. In 1995, SPASTOR founded and the next two years they became known with two small collections in the ModaFad circle of Barcelona. Between 1996 and 1998 they presented their collections in the Gaudí Fashion space of Barcelona. In 1998 and 1999 at the Feria Prêt-à-Porter and at the Showroom Workshop in Paris. In the 2000s and 2001 on the Cibeles catwalk in Madrid, in which, that second year, they received the L-Oreal award for the best collection. In 2002, Lucky Strike Design, in Barcelona, ​​and passion, participated in the exhibitions. Spanish design, in Berlin. In 2003 he presented his collection at Gaudí Gaudí de Barcelona and at the Gallerie Gilles Peyroulet & Cie de Paris. In 2004, with Means to An End, its last collection for women and its first collection for men, Kind of Man, both on the Gaudí Gaudi catwalk, at the Space Hexamo and the Showroom of the Gallerie Gilles Peyroulet & Cie , during the male fashion week of Paris. In 2005 he presented his collection Autumn Winter 05-06 with a parade within the official calendar of the Paris Fashion Week, and another at the Fashion Week in Barcelona. In 2006, its Collection burns, in the Showroom of the Galerie France Fiction and in a parade within the official calendar of the Male Fashion Week in Paris, in the calls of the Bread and Butter Fair of Barcelona and Berlin, and in the Barcelona Fashion Week.

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