When did meeting women and men become so hard? When you really need a girlfriend then there were times when you could have started a conversation out of thin air, now, as a man you need more than words… or do you?

By now, you have heard the words “she is the one” probably a million times. Well, here is a little truth. There is no right girl unless you turn her into the right one for you. Use these tips to help you find a girlfriend and escape the friend zone!

Body Language Says A Lot

First, you will need to be careful with your body language. Usually more than ninety percent of what we say does not come out of our lips but through our entire body. You need to be relaxed, in control, keep your head up, shoulders back, breath slowly and never face a woman you just met with your chest.

Remain in a neutral position because you do not want to look desperate and needy. If the room you are in is crowded, try as much as you can to give her the personal space she needs. Do not get too close from the first moment because she will get scared.

After you have the right position, you have to know what will come out of your mouth. Even if you are nervous, do not start shaking because your voice will shake as well. It does not matter if you are not attractive at all, there will be something about you, something irresistible.

Do not turn your torso in her direction because you will not get to open your mouth before you get rejected. This will show neediness and it will kill all the sexual attraction that was between you two up until that point.

Reading Her Body Language

If you want to start talking to a girl, pay attention to her body language and most of all, pay attention to her mouth. Do not look her in the eyes, not down her blouse, not around, just look at her mouth as if you would like to sip every word she gets out. While you look at her mouth, there is a high possibility she will be already thinking about sleeping with you. Her subconscious is a wonderful place, where your dreams might come true.

Knowing What To Look For

Before you start looking for a girlfriend, you need to know how you want her to be. You will be going out with hundreds of women before you realize which one might be the one for you, but at least you could enjoy this savage scout and make it fun. By the time you will have a wife, you will be able to know what she thinks, how she acts, which is her defense mechanism and the book will teach you how to make women faithful. She will never cheat on you or dump you, as long as you follow the step-by-step instructions.

Keep your eyes opened for lies. As many people and magazines said, women are looking for rich guys with thick hair and large muscles. Well, not true. Money has noting to do with love, bold men are sexier and muscles are overrated, so if you are an average guy, a normal person you will have the chance to find the right girl.

Understanding Pre-Selection

Now we have arrived to the fun part. People in general think that what does not belong to them is better, or what the majority wants is good. This does not necessarily have to be true, but in a woman’s head, it all makes sense. What is pre-selection and how does it work?

Pre-selection is when you make her think about the aspect that other women are already chasing you. This pre-selection works hand in hand with the filter mechanism women have. With the help of that mechanism, all needy and weak men are sorted out.
On the other hand, you have the opposite mechanism called the approach mechanism. This mechanism will kick your subconscious behind if you do not dare to talk to a woman that attracts you.
Here is the thing, the two mechanisms are not compatible at all because with your mechanism, you make you look like a wuss and she will cut you off and filter you out of her life.

Using Jealousy As A Tool

If you are looking for a girlfriend, you should do some research about fish in the beginning. The females are usually looking for the males which have the brightest colors, not because they are handsome, or because they have more money and so on, but because they are healthier.

The female fish thinks that she wants healthy babies. However, when there are two fish that look alike, the female will choose the one that other females chose as well. They go for the male fish that has more fish swimming after him.

Women think just like the fish females, but the fact is that they do not know who are you mating with, or how many women are after you, according to your confidence they will have to guess. Sometimes they guess well, sometimes they kind of don’t.

Meeting girls, especially new ones, is not hard at all. All you have to do is read, practice and become self-confident.

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