RED: This is the most important of them all which means I love you. So if you are not sure what to say to your partner, send them a red rose. However be careful as if it is just a friend you might be sending the wrong signal!

PINK : An assiduous secretary would normally get pink rose and with this in mind you can imagine the reason for this color. This pink rose means appreciation, admiration and joy that is experienced by sharing your life with your partner or someone working with you or for you. This rose is the most neutral of all the colors and connotes less offensive impression. A mixture with red, white and orange will definitely set the pace for later future encounter for married couples!

YELLOW: This color is as simple as the sunshine on a Sunday morning. Warm and gentle, the yellow rose means friendship in its pure sense. It is a platonic affair and you are just dating someone and not in real love with butterflies and all that stuff, a yellow rose send the right message. Be cautious though as your other mate might think otherwise, so its important that you know where your relationship is before sending a yellow rose.

WHITE: Take your marriage to a different level and send her a white rose. This color signify new beginnings, honor, reverence, commemoration and commitment. You may want to send red along with it as well. There is no harm in sending this one and the message is quite clear. Oh, just for the record, a divorcee/separated may want to send this to a former mate to send a message of prospective re-commitment or forgiveness.

ORANGE: How passionate are you? Well a orange rose will take your feeling to a different level. Orange rose expresses your excitement in the relationship, your fervent romance and desires for more passion. Be careful if this is a secret love affair as others who know colors will find out! You may also want to send few yellows to tone down your oranges. lol

LAVENDER: Love at first sight! This obvious color of lust and direct intentions will send a clear message to your mate. It is a feeling of enchantment, a magical kingdom with its Magical City (as described by Buju ), the prince who came back from slaying the dragon and returning to the castle to claim his prized possession, the Princess. Midst the fairy tale however, don’t be disappointed if the feeling is not reciprocated. This sometimes end in despondency and embarrassment so my advise is, stick to the Reds, Yellows, and maybe Pinks!