Sexual Desire – How to Make Her Want It From You

OK, here’s the scene: You see a guy approach a woman and it’s obvious he’s not as good-looking as you, not as well-dressed, but before you know it he’s leaving with her and from the way she’s looking at him, he’s probably going to have a really fun night as you sit there, stunned, wondering “How did he do that?”. Well, keep reading and I’ll let you in on his secrets.

Rumors vs. Facts

OK, now some women wouldn’t want a man sexually unless he was really hot or rich. However, this is not most women. The first thing that’s going to attract her to you is the fact you’ve got the courage and confidence to start talking to her. Be interesting in your conversation and she will look at you differently. Once you’ve got her attracted to you, she’ll start wanting you. Now, for the next shocking (or is it?) part.


Have you ever noticed that the things you want the most are the things you can’t have? Perhaps one woman that you’ve pursued in the past just resisted you no matter what you did and instead of looking elsewhere, you found you were even more attracted to her and wanted her ten times as much as you did at the start? This is psychology at work, and just like men, women want what they can’t have. This explains a lot about women who approach married men.

Anyway, you’ve got her wanting you and if you resist, even reject her, then she’ll want you even more and she will redouble her efforts to have you. She’s probably not used to rejection so if you push her away, you’ve just become a challenge and you’ve given her incentive to not stop until she gets what she wants. It is possible for this tactic to backfire but in most cases it’s a sure thing.

The Power of Suggestion

This tactic is very old and has been used not only in seduction, but in many aspects of life. For example, have you ever found yourself getting hungry at the movies when advertisements for the snack bar came up on the screen before the movie started? Sometimes they play that old cartoon with the dancing treats, singing “Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, and have ourselves a snack.” This is suggesting to you that you should go get something to eat before the movie starts and it often leaves you hungry. This same thing can be used in getting a woman to want to have sex with you.

All you have to do is plant the seed, so if you make some sexual innuendos, you can get her thinking dirty. Tell her about a buddy of yours that walked up to women and asked them if they liked oral sex, then laugh and shake your head at how crazy that was that he did that. Perhaps ask her if she thought that was pretty gutsy. She’ll be picturing things before you know it, and likely that lovely outfit she’s wearing will be looking just as great on your bedroom floor. I don’t have to tell that this can backfire as well, but it does work the majority of the time, so try it out.

If you talk and act the right way, it won’t matter if your pockets are nearly empty or if you’re not the best-looking guy in the world. Just be confident and talk to her the right way, and she’ll be eager to go home with you and get out of her clothes and into your bed.

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