Senior Women: How to Totally Relax on Your First Dates

You want to be as relaxed and confident as possible when meeting him for the first few times. Finally finding a woman who is confident is a real turn-on for a man. He doesn’t really know you yet, and he will be watching how you conduct yourself to confirm his decision to date you and spend his time and money on you. Yes, men are that practical in the back of their minds.

What he is looking for is someone who makes him feel good when he is with her. Yes, he is that selfish and looking for what is in it for him. To be honest, we all do that when dating the first few times.

What you want to do is have fun and not be so obsessed with his approval of you. The more you are relaxed and appear to him to be having fun, he will be intrigued with you, and therefore, he will find you more interesting and unlike other girls who he is dating. You will put yourself above the crowd and have fun at the same time!

The way you do this is easy and fun! As you are with him, keep these things in mind.

Before you go out with him have a talk with yourself and say…I really like this guy and I don’t want to look nervous and blow my chances so I will be smart and at the same time really enjoy myself.

I will totally understand that men don’t want women to agree with everything they say or take the position that whatever the guy wants to do is fine with them. They secretly hate that! They really don’t want to date a clone of themselves that is boring! If they wanted that they would stay home.

Men want women who have their own opinions on things and who are not afraid to state what those opinions are. They don’t care about you disagreeing with what they think, nor do they want you to agree with everything they say. But be careful, they don’t want a woman who rants on and on about how she hates this or that or complains about everything including men and how unfair the world is as if she is the poor victim. That is living from a weak, powerless position. That is the makings of a last date with him. He is thinking that his woman can’t make a success of her own life, why would I want her in mine?

Remember the 75 /25 rule. Ask him questions, get him to talk about himself to find out more about him, if he asks you a questions, give a good, brief answer in a positive way and turn it back over to him!

Remember the WHOLE idea is to have FUN on your dates and NOT to desperately try to impress him.

Now go out, relax and have fun!

Written by Betty L Nelson

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