Senior Singles Internet Dating Profile Tips: Avoid the Day Old Bread Stale Profile Syndrome

Senior singles seeking love online will often rush too quickly to toss a profile up rapidly just to get something published all in one single afternoon. Then both mature single women and men in their 50s and 60s will message over 10 single seniors they find attractive.

What is the dreaded outcome they experience? No one responds. They feel dejected and rejected, sure that they are now unattractive to the opposite sex.

I’ve had Boomer single coaching clients men and women who do this and feel awful. They leave the same profile up for months on end, all with no response. Here’s what I have them do to improve their dating websites profiles. You’ll discover how to improve your computer dating website profile and garner more responses from sincere senior singles.

Don’t give up! There is something constructive and comfortable you can do about your social life after 50 years old. Read on to learn how.

If you popped your profile up all too quickly, it more than likely is guilty of being too shallow, too provocative, too dull, or too generic.

And then because you wrote all the single seniors you were interested in all at once and no one responded, all the singles you were attracted to and considered for a date have already looked at your dreadful dating profile and rejected you. To re-approach them now, you’ll have to seriously overhaul your internet personals ad so they either don’t recognize you or where your message fesses up to your mistakes and learned lessons.

Leaving your midlife dating profile up online without any changes at the singles website leaves the other searchers wondering if you are stuck in a time warp. Your computer dating site profile becomes like day old stale bread. Will you put yourself in the marked down stale dated bread bin, willing to date all takers?

Of course you won’t. Let’s face it. You have taste and relationship standards. Sure, do be flexible. However, do aim to update and refresh your profile periodically.

What hobbies are you revisiting this year? Are you trying out square dancing again at the community center after a 10 year hiatus? Are you taking up skeet shooting with the local club at the outdoor range? Are the summer Olympics inspiring you to be more active and join a hiking/walkers club?

Do include these and anything new and interesting you are doing and considering pursuing this year. As we age, modern mature singles desire life partners who are still intriguing and interesting people who are engaged in life with hobbies and interests. The worst possible marriage scenario for modern day mature mates to imagine is a marriage which is dull and boring. Demonstrate with your profile’s freshness that you are an interesting possible relationship mate.

Each of those hobbies and interests offers you two ways to update the freshness and relevance of your dating profile.

First, it gives you some new text and tidbits to share about in the essay body of your profile. Write a sentence about why you like this activity. Tell your readers how often you pursue your hobby. Save sharing the adventures of it for the email exchange and your first few dates. You want to keep a little mystery and something fun, safe, and clean for your date conversations.

Second, your new or renewed hobby offers you chances to update your secondary photos. Include a picture of your pursuing the activity! By doing this, you also demonstrate you are a real life genuine person, not a fake profile. Do be sure to leave out any photo references to other people. Leave room for your prospective dates to consider meeting and dating you.

By reflecting you are an active and engaged single senior and updating your profile periodically, you’ll be more attractive to singles of the opposite sex at the mature relationship dating sites. And that’s worth responding to!

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