Looking for dating advice for guys? You’ve come to the right place! With all the nervousness and confusion associated with being a teenager, it’s essential to get useful information. Despite our ever-changing society built on text messaging and social media, there are still some useful bits of advice that have been transmitted from one generation to the next. Here are a few classic tips for you to apply.

Dating Advice For Guys #1

Start out by hanging out in large group of friends. Go for a movie, or to have burgers with eight or nine other people. Doing this will help break the ice between the two of you, and you won’t be nervous while getting to know each other. (The biggest advantage is you get to see how she treats people!)

Dating Advice For Guys #2

Your elders in the family can possibly give you the best advice when it comes to YOUR good. They have been there for you, they know whether you’re in the danger zone physically or emotionally. They can give you warning signs and prevent you from a potential heartbreak. Lean on their dating experience advice as your Mom and Dad will always have your best interests in mind.

Dating Advice For Guys #3

Know your intentions. Being a teenager, don’t think about marriage, yet. Try using dating as a medium to find out what qualities you want in your future wife. Except for a few cases, guys date many different girls before finding the ‘right’ one. So, don’t go looking for your soul mate. Enjoy your teenage life and be honest.

Dating Advice For Guys #4

Be a gentleman. This is the most effective piece of advice you can use. It may sound orthodox and a lot of girls may try to come across as independent and not like the chivalrous attitude of yours. But still you need to do things you need to do! She may not like you opening the door for you, but at some level she will appreciate it. Basically, you can make her feel like a princess by being chivalrous.

Dating Advice For Guys #5

This is an extension of the previous advice. If she is uncomfortable with something, so are you! But be careful. Make sure you are not being bullied around. While trying to be polite and respecting her wishes, politely take your stand when you think you MUST. If you can’t fulfill any of her ‘wishes’ just look into her eyes, give a heart-felt apology and change the topic. Simple.

Dating Advice For Guys #6

Move on from the ‘stressed’ to the ‘fun’ mindset. Being a teenager can take a toll on your personal life. Peer pressure, studies, an ugly test score or a quarrel over which movie to watch, can all make you a little cranky and affect your relationship. So, get the worries off your back and have fun!

Dating Advice For Guys #7

Listen to what your girl wants to say. She can talk, talk and talk. It might be tough to focus on what point she’s trying to make, because girls can take leaps between topics! So, don’t appear as if you’re bored or uninterested. Ask meaningful questions that point out the fact that you were paying attention.

Dating Advice For Guys #8

Be funny! Having a good sense of humor is very important to let things sail smoothly in your relationship. Why? Because bad days become not-that-bad days when a guy cracks a joke and lightens up the mood.

Most importantly, Be Yourself! If you are consistently being told to change yourself, you better go find someone else to be with; probably this is the most important dating advice for guys.