Let’s be honest. Men can be cryptic, closed off and emotionally unavailable. Perhaps your guy is acting a little differently than usual and you’re absolutely convinced that he’s upset with you about something. Then you try to ask him about it and he swears that nothing is upsetting him. This can be a maddening scenario and it happens all the time! Guys are not that expressive, and if you badger them too much they can become angry and shut down even more. If only there was a man-to-English translation dictionary that you could use to understand what he’s actually thinking.

Men do have a lot of tells, even if language is not one of them. There are, however, a lot of ways to figure out what he’s thinking or feeling. For starters, pay attention to his physical expression instead of his verbal expression. A lot of women out there have no idea how to do this, so learning to read his body before his words can be a huge advantage in the dating world.

Check Out His Chest

And I’m not talking about looking for pecs! You can tell a lot about a guy’s level of interest in a person or conversation based on the way he positions his torso. If he is facing you directly, with his shoulders and chest directly opposite yours, he is more than likely very interested in continuing to communicate with you. If he refuses to turn his torso to address you and instead just turns his head, it may be less likely that he wants to keep chatting with you.

Gauging His Gaze

Eye contact means a lot. A woman can find herself weak in the knees from a long, intimate gaze from a man. This can be because he is completely taken by you. This can also be because he is a guy who knows that women will fall for the eye contact trap! It is difficult to discern which is which when dealing with a new guy, and it can be disastrous if you come to the wrong conclusion and think a player is in it for the long haul. If anything about his gaze seems forced, it is a good idea to proceed with caution. If, however, you catch him throwing loving glances your way when you’re not looking, it’s a lot more likely that he’s not just after sex and is infatuated with you.

Keep an Eye on His Eyes

It may not be easily defined, but you’ve no doubt seen the little glimmer in a man’s eye when he hears something he truly likes. Whether it’s when you suggest his favorite steakhouse for dinner or when he finds out you guys share a completely random hobby like collecting Elvis busts, it inevitably happens and will become easier to recognize as you get to know him. If you catch these little sparks frequently throughout your conversation, there is a good possibility that this relationship will continue onto a second, third and maybe fortieth date! Learn to recognize them and you will know what topics and behaviors really catch his attention, and you can easily use that knowledge to your advantage.