Q: How can I tell if he really loves me? What if I believe in fate, soul mates, spiritual partners and destiny? Is there are sign that I should look for that he really IS the one? Or do I need to wait it out and see how things unfold? What if I really feel that time is of the essence… and don’t want to have my heart broken YET again… only to have to go back to step one!

Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe are some of the easiest ways to tell if the man you BELIEVE is “the one” really IS, and the signs that a true spiritual partnership are present as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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First, understand this to be truer, because it is:

Most women (over 70%) get to a point of our lives where we KNOW the man we’ve chosen was not the right one. Often it’s too late… or we’re too tired, or worn down or it’s simply not practical to make a big life change. (most frequently, because there are children involved, financial considerations and other insecurities that keep us “stuck” in place)

Said differently MOST women SETTLE for passion, and partnerships that are smaller and less meaningful than the ones we were born to create.

As a spiritual intuitive, emotional empath and amateur energy worker… I truly believe that there are signs in EVERY relationship that the Universe… and your true, authentic self, both want you to recognize about your relationships, before making a big mistake.

1 – What do you SEE when you visualize?

Visualization is a very powerful, very transformative practice that unfortunately, not 1 in 100 women practice when it comes to long term love. I challenge you to do THIS, if you are in such a relationship right now. Close your eyes and visualize. Not next week, or next semester or next year. Visualize 10 years from now, the two of you, together. What do you see? What do you sense? Most importantly… what do you FEEL?

If you trust this process and practice it with passion… you will get ALL of the answers you seek, and from within yourself as well! (as your true, authentic self KNOWS the answers, and understands the tapestry of your lifeline with all it’s moves and grooves)

2 – Get an energy reading done.

Or an aura reading done. Or a symbolic tarot reading. There are so many spiritual tools available to EACH of us that can clearly identify and mark the way forward… especially when our own viewpoint gets muddled and unclear. The truth is, for each of us… I believe we have a karma of connection, and spiritual partnerships that are designed to help us achieve what we are here to do. Unfortunately, the VAST majority of us, especially women… never get these goals accomplished. More often than not, it’s because the connections we’ve created are the WRONG ones, and karmic “catastrophe” arises as a result.

Remember, you ALWAYS have the power to choose. And change. There are no rules… OTHER than following your own love, and light and believing you are here to achieve something SPECIAL!