We live in a busy world today where everybody is busy and everyone wants things done quickly without a hustle. Men are lucky today in that unlike in the 1950s when a man had to promise a woman his hand in marriage in order to get laid, nowadays women are also for the one night stand or quick lay.

How come then some men have it easy when they want to get laid while others can just never get that girl to agree to go home with them?

Men pay attention:

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s that get in your way of getting laid.

1. Being cheap. Here is the scenario. A guy goes to the pub, meets an attractive girl, chats her up but he cannot be bothered to offer to buy her drink. His excuse, she looks self-sufficient anyway and all I want is to get laid. He ends up going home alone.

2. Being self-conscious, nervous, shy around women. It is such a turn-off. Women like a man who exudes confidence. Confidence will guarantee you success in your quest to get laid.

3. Spotting an attractive woman but you pretend you are not even interested in her. A guy is seated in a pub, he notices an attractive woman. They exchange eye contact and she even smiles encouragingly at him. But since he fancies himself to be hot, he keeps on sipping his drink and waiting for her to approach him. Dude, you might have a very long wait. Another man will approach her and she will go home with him.

Just walk up to her, say hi and start chatting to her if you want to get laid.

1. Talking too much. You’ve just met a woman and within the first five minutes you are talking non-stop. She soon gets to hear too much information about yourself including all the women you have dated in the past four years. This is too much information. Furthermore, she probably just wants to go home with a guy and get laid not to hear the story of his life. You just end up boring her with conversation in an attempt to seem like a “deep” guy. Lose the conversation and just get down to business. You could just stare deep into her eyes, touch her hair or even kiss her.

2. It is important to make a woman laugh. Women fancy funny guys who always crack a joke or two. You could even try to crack a risque joke. It will make you seem like a rough manly man. Make yourself seem interesting; like you lead an interesting life. That will get the women hanging on to your every word. Believe me, interesting guys always get laid no matter how ugly their mug is.

3. Last but not least, avoid being drunk and making a fool of your-self. When you do this you give the impression that you cannot take care of yourself after a few drinks; therefore, you cannot take care of your lady in case you encounter thugs on your way home. Best to take just a few drinks, be tipsy but in control in order to get laid.