Is it the time of year again where you have to buy a present for that girl who really doesn’t need or want for anything at all? How frustrating is she to buy for?! Almost everything you find that you think would be the perfect gift for her, it turns out that she already has a hundred of them. So, what else is there to give? It’s probably time you thought about the bigger picture and saw past all those beautiful material things you’ve bought for her in the past.

The girl who has everything may not be an entirely true description. She might have everything but that quality time to kick back and do exactly what she wants. What does she really like doing? Listening to music, reading, walking the dogs? One interesting idea, which you could pass off as a gift is to combine her favourite activities into that one special day. Sound tricky and like a lot of effort? It’s surprisingly simpler than you think and of course, you need to put in the effort. How much would you love her if she did the same for you? Play your cards right and she could well do!

Present her with breakfast in bed or brunch and a new romantic novel that you know she hasn’t read. If she loves spending time outdoors, arrange a picnic and drive to the nearest field or beach for the afternoon. Just go back to basics and enjoy each other’s company while forgetting about all the usual day-to-day worries and cares. If it’s raining, cuddle up under a blanket in front of the fire with a chick flick, chocolate and a cup of tea. There is no feeling like being warm inside while the rain lashes down outside. Come evening, take her out for dinner and some live music or dance the night away. Just give her the gift of a whole day, where everything goes her way because let’s face it, when does it ever?

I bet it all sounds pretty simple now and if all goes to plan, I guarantee that she’ll appreciate and remember the day forever, as you will too. It might sound a bit soppy and unnecessarily romantic but all it takes is a little bit of preparation and dedication to that special girl and you’ll see the wonders it does for the soul -both hers and yours.

Ben is the founder of AskHerFriends, a website that helps guys (or anyone!) get the perfect gift for their wives, girlfriends or any women in their lives. We do this buy giving lots of advice, gift ideas and a way of getting feedback from the friends of the person you’re getting the gift for.