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50 And Dating – 36 Quick and Easy Dating Tips for Mature Female Daters

Ask! Ask! Ask! Ask men questions in emails, phone conversations and in person.Don’t monopolize a conversation with a new dateDon’t unload your troubles on him on a first date.Have a varied dating plan for how you’ll meet menEnjoy meeting new and interesting menIt’s OK to be scared. Being too careful means not enough action. Not enough action means always being alone.Do one Dating action every day and in the process become the action hero of your own life.Don’t deprive or impose too many rules on yourself about dating.See dating mistakes as an opportunity to learn more about what you do and don’t want in a relationship.Never shy away from dating obstacles. We soar our highest when truly challenged.Don’t feel you have to have a man in your life otherwise you might end up settling just to have someone there.Don’t allow others to define your dating life for you.You know what makes your heart swell with love. Follow that dream.Have a dating purpose-know why you want a man in your life.Be sure you have some type of dating support from friends or families.Have a “go to person” you can always discuss your dating concerns with.Don’t Panic when a date doesn’t work. There are lots of other men out there for you.You do have more then one Soul Mate in life.Your soul mate is out there looking for you too!When a relationship ends, give yourself some time to heal before you head back into the dating world.Success comes from working through the fear of failure and learning to be adaptable.Know the value of learning “How To Date” at this time in your life.Make a conscious decision that you are wonderful with or without a man in your life. This is often when he shows up.Sometimes a date or relationship not working out is actually a blessing in disguise.Always make time to go out with your girlfriends.Success comes from knowing you’re always in the right place at the right time.Enrich your single life by taking classes that follow your passionBe willing to explore different types of men.Don’t overthink how Mr. Right is going to show up in your life. Trust the Universe to bring you what you want.Think about upgrading your membership at dating sites to get you more exposure to the men on the sites.There are 1000′s of dating sites. One has to be right for you.The Best of the Best Dating Sites for you are the ones that speak to what types of men you are most interested in.Check out lots of dating sites.It only takes minutes to minimally fill out a profile form on a Dating Site.Personalize your profile with scenes a man can imagine himself being part of such as describing a great picnic for a romantic date.Be careful of obsessing about being in a relationship. It can cloud your judgement.

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After 40 Dating Advice: Online Dating Protocol Means Aim to Get to Meet In Person for a First Date

Singles dating after 40 years old will sometimes spend a lot of their social time emailing, vetting and screening their prospective dates before they ever actually risk meeting them face to face in person. What is the best internet dating advice for online dating messaging protocol before getting to the first date? How many messages is best? How many messages, texts, and phone calls is a red flag? Read on to learn and discover what to watch out for.

Even when you are pursuing an online relationship at the internet dating websites, you do still need actually to aim to meet each other face to face in peson. Keep in mind that the primariy results goal of internet dating is to get to the first date.

With all the different kinds of online dating sites, the singles protocol is to exchange a few emails and actually arrange to meet in person for a first meeting date.

Otherwise, to keep messaging each other, to text and to phone call is only fantasy which wastes your time.

How many message is best to exchange in online dating protocol? I generally recommend about 3-5 email length messages to connect and then segue to “Let’s Meet.”

Are there a guideline for red flags from too many messages being sent? More than about 5 emails or messages, and that’s a red flag sign that there’s something wrong. Who knows what their issue is? It really doesn’t matter. Sometimes the other person is recently divorcing or divorced and may just be rusty in this area of dating and not know good online dating protocol and internet dating etiquette.

So, do be a little forbearing. Your prospective date is likely over 40 years old also, just like you. Perhaps they haven’t been on a lot of internet website based dates? You may have a diamond in the rough here with your prospective date. Remember, dating is to practice your communication skills of what you want and don’t want and to practice your flirting skills to build attraction.

When you go on a date live and in person, you have the wonderful opportunity to send your body language flirting signals back and forth which each other in deeper ways than is possibly exclusively through the written word medium of messaging.

Meeting in person on dates means that the two of you can leverage the art of flirtation, body language, and conversation. These are all excellent attributes of long lasting love relationships as well. So, you definitely desire to practice these easily while you can readily in social dating.

The more dating you do and the more other available singles you meet, the better for both of you. Dating is all about being seen and known so you can get ready for the lasting love relationship you deserve.

After 40 Dating Expert and Professional Internet Dating Profile Writer empowers single men and women find lasting love. Combining her fun humor with a compassionate approach, Online Dating Coach and Midlife Dating Expert, April Braswell leads singles classes and workshop in the LA area of Southern California. Be sure to grab your FREE copy of 10 Secrets to Get a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Fast go to now:

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Online Dating – What to Do When Someone Expresses Interest in You

You may at this stage be having second doubts about online dating. Maybe you are thinking you’re past it. Hey, none of us are too old. I’m sure you have heard the funnies about romance in the retirement homes. Well its true. Love, romance and companionship is very much alive no matter what age.

Being over 50 (or a baby boomer) in to-days society is no longer being considered off the radar. Use your age to advantage. There are so many opportunities available for this age group and what better than online dating for that mature relationship.

Its good to remember that the end goal is not always about marriage. Indeed it may not even be an option. Lets have fun – Dating can and should be about being social – about interacting with others.

Do the things you never had the time to do before like going out on wine tasting trips to local vineyards, taking up a new sporting activity.

On a personal note go join a gym and tone up. Have fun with make-overs, whether with clothing, facials, body changes. Be adventuresome. Sit down with girlfriends or daughters and get their options. You may even find a partner wanting to share these activities with you.Its good to remember that the end goal is not always about marriage. Maybe by now you will have enrolled with your first online dating service.

Some of you may feel quite confident about going ahead online and setting up a meeting but for others you may need to interact more online before actually meeting.

So you’ve just had someone express interest either they have winked at you or sent you an email. Or you have taken the initiative and sent him a wink.

If you have got yourself a paid account then you can email someone you relate to. However, always check against your personal criteria of what you are looking for and of course – what is your gut response.

At this stage its all about finding a little bit more about your potential date.

A few emails going back and forth is a good start to feeling comfortable about this person. Generally in an email you will be exchanging first name but still not giving out too many personal details. Keep the conversation fairly general and soft – like picking out a few things from their bio. No doubt they will be wanting to do the same.

Some online dating sites will have a chat room. Again, please hold back on too much personal information, First name is OK – the kind of work you do – the city you live in – your interests. If they want to know too much, be straight up and tell them you would like to get to know them better.

Another thing to be aware of is that he starts talking very quietly or has to go.

It may indicate that perhaps he is trying to hide the fact that he is not so single.

It could also mean that you have called him at work and his boss has just appeared.

Its a judgment call. But if all is going well then the next step is to exchange telephone numbers and I would strongly suggest you only give your mob number.

So go and have fun.

Single Woman After 40: Your Biggest Dating Mistake and the Biggest Asset You Don’t Know You Have

What’s different in your dating landscape at 40 from 20 years ago? Everything. But many women still follow the “good old strategy” according to which all they need to do is to look good, play the dating game, and meet as many new people as possible. Sooner or later they’ll find a partner good enough to settle for. Common sense, right? Wrong.

Back then, in your 20s, you were exploring. You didn’t know what to expect; you didn’t know what you needed (or what you thought you needed wasn’t it at all, as you later discovered). Your main dating strategy was trial and error, and your deepest desire was that all men fall in love with you at first sight.

Over the years, failed relationships left their marks on your mindset. You may have gotten hurt; you may have become disappointed; you may have lost faith that you will ever find “the one” and settled with a notion that you are “destined to be alone.”

Today, you likely are in one of two camps:

Camp 1

You became comfortable, convinced yourself that you are “not the marrying kind”, that you are “self-sufficient and don’t need anybody.” In an attempt to protect you from pain your mind created various false beliefs and excuses, such as “all the good ones are taken”, “I don’t want to give up my freedom”, “I don’t have time for a relationship right now”, “I don’t see anyone who would match my standards”, and so on.

Camp 2

You are actively dating trying to find “the one”, but every time something goes wrong. You seem to be attracting the same man in a different body over and over again. You give a lot and get very little in return. Every time you get hurt, your suspicion that “it will never work” becomes stronger. You are secretly thinking about giving up and joining Camp 1.

The reality is: finding your ideal partner takes strategy. There are things you need to do, certain hurdles you need to go through in order to create love in your life (given that you weren’t successful at that before).

You know it took strategy and persistence to build a career or a business. Why do you assume that a great relationship will just happen by itself? The strategy to attract your ideal relationship is not a cat-and-mouse “dating game” that everyone says you should play. “Socializing more” is not a strategy either.

In order to change your old relationship patterns you need to make a change deep within yourself, to shift your core beliefs and align yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the reality of having an entirely different person in your life – different from the kind you were attracting in the past. You should also prepare yourself for being with that person.

You now have something extremely valuable, something you did not have in your 20s: experiential understanding of yourself, your needs, and, most importantly, of the fact that you create your own reality.

There is something within you that attracts your negative relationship experiences. It may be fear of intimacy created by past traumas; or lack of self-worth that is tracing its roots to your childhood; there are various inner issues that could be standing in your way.

One thing is certain: unless you become aware of these blocks and consciously dissolve them, you will be stuck in a vicious circle of negative relationship patterns, no matter how many pounds you lose or how many new people you meet.

You now have the level of awareness that makes this transformation possible. The biggest mistake you can make in your pursuit of an ideal relationship is to ignore the need for transformation and to rely on pure luck.

The good news is that you don’t need to give up who you are in order to find a soulmate. On the contrary, letting go of your limiting past conditioning will help you bring out your authentic self and attract a partner who is uniquely right and perfect for you.

Soulmate love is your birthright. Take your life experience and willingness to change, and with some guidance you will be able to create the amazing love life that you have always dreamed of.

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Lubov Skurina is a transformative relationship coach; founder of My Time to Be Loved, creator of Soulmate Attraction System?. She specializes in helping single women around the globe attract their ideal life partner by transforming their core beliefs and reclaiming their authentic ability to give and receive love.

Senior Dating On Today’s Dating Scene!

The world of senior dating has really experienced some changes in recent years. Perhaps there are those who do not envision the fact that seniors actually engage in the dating scene, but they do. The fact is senior citizens get lonesome too. Relationships that allow us to bond are important regardless of the age. To fully comprehend senior and baby boomers dating and the changes that have occurred one must first understand the emotions seniors must endure before they can even enter the dating competition. It is a huge step that must be approached with care.

Many seniors have lived full lives that included dating the love of their life, marrying that person and spending a lifetime with them. They have raised children, went on vacations, enjoyed the holidays and recorded a lifetime of magical memories in their minds. In addition, often this relationship ended because a partner has passed away. The combination of getting around those memories and the guilt associated with even considering another partner make the senior dating process a profound obstacle to pursue. The majority of the seniors in this generation married for life and never assumed they would ever be part of the senior dating scene. And to make it even more complicated, baby boomers seem to be a pretty emotional kind of persons

However, life has a way of altering the playing field and many seniors are thrown back into the game by fate. It is not easy to date again, whether the previous relationship was successful or ended in divorce. The fear of rejection and feelings of guilt make senior dating a frightening proposal. Other than just the emotional fears in senior dating some other concerns are apparent as well. Children often play a major role and interest in their parent hitting the dating scene again. Some are very supportive, while others are more cautious and protective. In addition, women live longer than men making the competition for the senior males that are available fiercer.

Medical technology has allowed seniors to live longer. Seniors today are often more energetic and physically able to pursue another relationship with vigor. In addition, it is safe to say that there are many more options for the senior community when it pertains to senior dating. There was a time not so long ago where those seniors entering the dating process were limited to church functions and senior centers. Although these locations are still offer superb opportunities; Internet technology has taken the process to an entirely different level. There are numerous dating sites for seniors online and many are very well done.

Some think the senior dating world has been enhanced by the increasing promiscuity. However, most seniors would quickly confess that there is much more to companionship than sexual encounters. It is certainly much easier to do background checks and screenings on prospective dates, which makes the experience safer for all involved. Modern technology has made pursuing companionship in the twilight years as rewarding and plausible as the first time around, as long as the heart is willing to partake on that journey.

Discover why seniors and baby boomers are best placed to reap the rewards of their life experience.
Find out how senior dating can bring new energy and excitement into your everyday reality!

Pointers For Seniors Looking to Date Again

Where do seniors meet seniors?

It is a fact that more people meet online these days than at social events or even at work and this is especially true of seniors. A surprising percentage of boomers are looking for a new relationship and find it online. I can vouch for that, it is where my wife and I met six and a half years ago now and it has been the a great move for us.

Seniors Meet Seniors Online Success Story.

I had been out of a 39 year marriage and had four children Gemma had divorced 16 years before and had two children. Of course all the ‘kids’ were grown up and had relationships and families of their own. Two singles, free to find new loves and new adventures. I was 60 and had ‘run home to mom!’. It was one of my daughters who suggested that if I sat watching the TV night after night I would soon be old before my time.

Doing Nothing Was Tempting

After 40 years of ‘homemaking’ sitting still and letting the world go by was very tempting but you know it is predicted that our generation will live long lives, maybe to 100 and 40 years of being a couch potato seems more like a prison sentence than an ambition so I subscribed to a dating site.

Write an Honest Profile

Considering I had never done anything like this before I made a good decision, I had an ‘allowance’ of 1000 characters to write my profile, I would use every one of them and write a full and honest profile. I laid it all out, who I am, my age, how I got to be where I am today, what I like, what I dislike, what I do for fun, what I am looking for in a relationship all open all honest.

Look for an Honest Profile

How can you know when you are looking at an honest profile? Well you can’t. Some people are just playing around and there is nothing wrong with that – that’s what they want from the site, different experiences, a bit of fun but it wasn’t what I wanted. I was prepared to ‘kiss a few frogs’ before I found my sleeping beauty but care sifting through the replies that came in every day on my e-mail account meant I didn’t have to.

One in a Million

The site sent me some matches and one match was amazing, she had worked just as hard as I had on her own profile. The site told me she was a one-in-a-million match to me and so it turned out. We met and wooed and two years later got engaged. We married just two years ago and as you will conclude for this it was the best move I could have made.

Goodbye to the Quiet Life – Hello Adventure

Now every day is a good day, we plan our holidays, work on our business together, on our home and enjoy a fantastic ‘extended family life.

When Seniors Meet Seniors and they strike a good bond they bring something to their new relationship that they never had before – experience. Experience of making mistakes and a determination not to make those mistakes again. You might have guessed that I heartily recommend it, if you are a senior considering dating late in life don’t delay, somewhere out there is a great relationship for you and all you have to do is reach out for it and live life to the full again.

Written on 5/4/2011 by Tony Masterman. Tony writes a blog called Date of Your Dreams, about dating sites of all types. As well as blogging about dating and relationships he enjoys public speaking and building a business on the web. Read more about when seniors meet seniors and get your free copy of 10 Top Tips For Sustainable Relationships

Mature Dating Tip – How to Flirt

Flirting is ageless; you have the license to do it whether you’re 20 or 60. You need to know how to flirt in order to navigate the mature dating scene. Done right, it is a harmless and easy way to spark that special someone’s interest and make him or her want to know you a bit more. Here are some flirting tips to use on other mature daters you have just met. Do these and you’re guaranteed to get a second date:

1. Use your hands. The key to successful flirting is breaking the “touch barrier.” By initiating physical contact, you let the other person know that you are interested.

Be subtle but playful. Touch your date’s knee or arm while you make a point, for example. You can also let your knees touch subtly under the table. Don’t make the mistake of grabbing or lingering too long. Think short and subtle moves.

2. Laugh together. Reacting positively to your date’s jokes and funny stories is a big part of flirting. Aside from laughing, you can also show your interest by asking, “Really?” or saying “Wow.” Don’t fake it, though. If you’re truly not interested, there’s no need to try and appear like you are. Your boredom will show through.

3. Pay him/her compliments. Both men and women love to receive genuine compliments. If you think your date looks good, say it. Give your date a sincere compliment about his or her physical appearance. This implies an immediate attraction, and gets the date going to the direction you want it to go.

4. Say your date’s name. Consciously repeat his or her name to subtlety reveal your willingness to create a more intimate connection.

5. Body language. Your non verbal movements say more about how you feel than your words do. How genuine interest by “opening up” your body towards your date. Don’t cross your arms across your chest, for example. When talking, face your date directly.

Another way to show your interest is “mirroring.” If your partner leans in to talk or rests his or her elbows on the table, for example, you should do the same. Duplicating your date’s actions is a good way to show that you are in-synch.

6. Look nice. A date is not the time and place to wear your jogging pants. Be sure to dress a little bit more nicely than you usually do, even if you’re just going out for a walk or for coffee. Don’t make the mistake of trying to “dress young,” though, or you will just look older. Accept that you are already in the mature dating scene and that you need to wear age appropriate clothing. Torn jeans and a rock t-shirt will probably just turn off your date. Wear something nice even for a casual lunch date. For men, a good fitting collared shirt and flattering jeans (with no holes in them) should do the trick. Older women look good in A-line skirts and flattering tops. Make sure you smell nice, too.

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The Over 50′s Dating Scene – Are You Ready

Are you mentally and emotionally prepared to get back into the dating scene again but new to online dating?

Because there’s a surplus of women to men and of course you want to be at the top of the board you are going to want to present yourself as a very attractive woman.

Maybe you need to tone up, eat more healthy foods, use makeup and change your hair style, change your dress style etc. No matter what your age if you feel good about yourself you will be a winner By the way the same goes for men.

You might ask why should I have to do all this. Well, the whole idea is not just about dating its also about building a relationship. About how you relate to yourself. Do you like yourself because if you like yourself then it follows that others will like you simply because you are likeable. Forget you are over 50. Go and have some fun.

Online dating is a fantastic way to test the waters to see if this is for you.

At this stage its impersonal and you are in charge. After all, what you are doing is finding out a few basic facts about a guy before setting up a meeting – This is not a date. It’s got to be better than a casual encounter in a bar with a few drinks under your belt to give you dutch courage.

But before you even go online sit down and make a written list of all your needs. Writing down things will help you become much more clear about what you want out of a relationship.

Then write down all your expectations of what you would want in a relationship – a companion or friend maybe even leading to something permanent like a long term relationship or marriage.

Make some notes about what your values are.
Your strengths and weaknesses your likes and dislikes:What you would want in a potential mate:The type of man you would like to meet:Your interests such as art, dining, dancing and so on.

But please be honest with yourself otherwise it could backfire on you further down the track.

The whole idea is to prepare a profile that’s about you in a chatty informal way, Keep it simple and have some fun writing it up.

When you come to actually write up your bio and profile online it will be a piece of cake because you will be clear about what you want then there is no reason why you won’t attract what you truly want. Check out the Law of Attraction.

A few facts:
The female ratio increases with ageThe male female ratio is approx 60% women to 40% menWomen general live longer than men.

Hope these few pointers help you to find what you want.

Flirty Text Messages To Get Her Attention

Traditional flirting is done verbally or with body language but nowadays, using current technology, there is a new way to of flirt using text messages. Just a few years ago this concept would not be such a reality but flirting by hitting the send button on your phone opens a brand new world to make sure she not only starts to pay attention to you but locks on like a laser guided missile.

In the past guys would flirt using a corny pick up line to get a woman’s attention. Although this may produce a quick laugh most pick up lines fall short of actually getting you in the door on a positive and deeper level. Notice I said “positive”? They will get you attention but probably not the kind that you hoped for. Unless you like getting laughed at or having a drink thrown on you.

Flirting with text messages is an art that you can master once you learn the best way to do it. This is a very sneaky way to get you in the door with the right woman and keep you on her mind forever.

One caveat…you have to send the right messages.

You have to stand out from the crowd in order to get a woman’s attention. That’s what it’s all about anyhow isn’t it? So the best advice to share about how to get her attention using text messages is to have simple conversations that are concise, nonchalant and keep her intrigued.

These brief steps will win her attention in almost all new or established relationships. The blueprint is the same for both.

Step 1) The intro- send a short text to make sure its a good time to start flirting before doing it. Being as though this is done via text you have no idea if she is busy working, consoling a friend in dire need or bored out of her mind. This initial text should be an opening message that’s short, sweet and complimentary.

I guarantee that you will get her attention by using flirty text messages. This is similar to kids at the playground asking one another if they wanna play. “Hey” is terrible for this. One that reads

Text 1: “Hope you’re having a good day beautiful…” is much more flirtatious and engaging.

Step 2) Okay now you have her attention it’s time to loosen her up a bit. When she replies “Thx”, it’s time to take it a step further. Tease her a bit and bring her into a fun conversation with you. Ask her something that she will be intrigued to answer and ask it in a fun way.

Text 2: “Do you always do this to people?”

Of course she’s going to want to know what the heck you are talking about and has to reply to you with “do what?”

Step 3) Now is when you deliver the actual message you want her to see. This should be completely original and not some cheesy line she will see right through.

Let her know she’s been on your mind since the last time you saw her. It doesn’t matter whether it was five days ago or five minutes she will be flattered by the way you let her know you are thinking about her.

Text 3: “Stay on someone’s mind when they should be working (studying, sleeping, eating…etc) you get the point!

Check out these surefire tips on how to get her attention with flirty text messages []. There are plenty of ways to start right away to win the girl of your dreams using the most basic words and you phone.

Online Dating Profile Tips for Middle Aged Men 1-2-3 – No Sugar Coating

1. What To Say and What Not To Say – Let’s face it. It is an online dating profile and the point of an online dating profile is to uh… get a date! So in our profile let’s not talk about past relationships, or how long we’ve been divorced, or separated, or how painful it was, etc. Be honest about it in the Q & A section, but please don’t belabor the point. Your past relationships are just that… in the past. So please talk about current day events, including the type of girl you would like to meet. And if the type of girl you are looking for happens to resonates with one of us female sorts, we just might drop you a line. Why? Because you’ve made it about us and not about your ex. Eventually, should the planets line up, there will be plenty of opportunity to talk about all sorts of things, including our collective pasts.

2. Those Pictures – First, too many pictures screams run! And yes we know you love your kitten Chloe, but a picture of you cuddled up with Chloe is not so sexy. And the full on bicycle gear, helmet, sunglasses, cleats, etc. looks like an advertisement. It is okay as a secondary picture, but not for the main photo. Oh and the picture of you horizontal on a sofa… gazing up into the camera, sorry guys! As for those big fish pictures… chances are we are probably not impressed and the first thing that comes to my mind is gills, guts and stinky fish smell. And please, please, please no zipper shots and save the bare chest for live and in person. For those of you who don’t want to post your picture because you are the CEO of a big corporation, or whatever ‘original’ reason you’ve come up with, you are probably not going to get very far. We want to see your face, your eyes, your smile, and perhaps you in different settings that suggest your interests and those we might share together. Travel, outdoor activities, cooking with friends, etc. We women are like you men in that we want something to look at yes, but please make it interesting to us. Once we get to know each other we will have the opportunity to learn more about you in all different sorts of settings, including the bare chest.

3. Be Honest Honest Honest and Be Real – You’ve had great emails, entertaining text messaging and even a fun chat on the phone, you are SUPER excited and now you’re looking forward to staring into your potential future girlfriend’s big brown eyes while sipping your Cazadores margarita and munching on tortilla chips. You arrive at the restaurant, look around and not a familiar face anywhere in sight. And then over walks a stranger who calls out your name, a stranger who has some bit of familiarity but looks older, is a little heavier and 2 inches shorter than the online profile. Dang! You’ve been hood winked! Trust me on this one: It is not a good way to start out. Be honest in your profile! Be honest about your age! It doesn’t matter if you are trying to beat a search engine, or if you feel like a testosterone raging 27 year old when you are really 65. And be honest about your body type including your height. As much as we might like to think we are bigger and stronger and taller than we really are (me included, all 62 1/2 inches of me), rulers and tape measures all use the same universal standard. So be real! If somebody doesn’t like YOU and embrace YOU for who YOU are… stop wasting your time, because time is finite… treat ‘em like the fish that wasn’t big enough, let ‘em go!