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Making Moves On Women

You’ve been after a girl for a while, wanting to make a move on her but unsure of what to do or how to go about it. You’ve never gotten very far with women because of your fear and lack of confidence. Would you like this frustrating cycle to end? Do you want to succeed at seduction and leave all that awkwardness behind? Well, today’s your day so keep reading to learn how to make the moves.

Present the Challenge

Women are approached constantly by men, the rate depending upon the attractiveness. If a woman is really attractive, it’s probably a miracle if she gets five minutes to think without being approached by some guy trying to pick her up. Because of this, rejection comes almost as naturally as breathing. She’s constantly telling guys no, no, no, no, no, no. So what do you do? Present something different, something challenging.

What I mean by be challenging is when you try your line, try something mildly offensive. Perhaps ask if she has trouble breathing if her dress is really tight. This could get you in trouble, but if you ask it right, it’ll give her pause. This is a really tricky tactic to pull off because if you don’t do it right, you’ll look like a jerk or even a pervert, which is worse.

Slow It Down

Talking slowly can get a woman to pause for you. In a way, it’s almost hypnotic because for one, it shows you have confidence. For another, if you’ve captured her interest or at least intrigued her enough, speaking slowly will build anticipation. Just remember that whatever you come up with, make it interesting. Reading lines, poetry, anything that will show some substance to you so you stand out from every other guy that has approached her.

Although it sounds tough, once you get it down, no matter how frustrated she is about being approached so much, she’ll want to listen to you and respond with more than just a no and a quick dismissal. Remember, above all, confidence is the main thing to have. If you don’t have confidence, then likely you’ll get nowhere, regardless of how slick your lines are.

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Authentic Game: A Guide to Dating and Developing Quality Relationships

Game: What is game? defines it as “a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.”

Now there are a few major problems I see with this definition. Firstly, it’s implying that there are “a set of rules.” Now I don’t know about you, but the people I’ve been “playing” with apparently didn’t get the same “rules” that I received. My rules clearly stated that:

No Lying – You’re attempting to make a sincere connection with someone and if you lie during this all too important “dating” stage you risk misleading the other person about WHO you actually are. Not only that but if you aren’t authentic during the initial “dating” phase you might find yourself in a relationship that you are left asking “how and the heck did I end up with this person!?” Well, the reason you ended up with that person is because you were both full of crap in the beginning and instead of you both presenting your TRUE selves you presented the “movie trailer” version that only emphasizes the awesome parts and leaves out all of the stuff that sucks about you. Stuff like… “I’m a chain smoking sex addict who once avoided jail time by pleading to a lesser charge and since I wasn’t 18 I managed to keep that shit sealed and therefore you can “Google” my name all you want but you’re never going to find out I’m a psychopathic train wreck who’s going to ruin your life and your credit, until it’s too late!” Live. Laugh. Love!

Now I’m making jokes and am exaggerating (slightly) with the above scenario but stuff like that DOES happen. I’m not going to put down my life experiences but I’ve had enough to tell you that I’ve seen it first hand… and survived. I don’t want to see any of my fellow man (or women) end up in these situations. They aren’t fun and if you aren’t of solid character, can really damage your outlook towards the opposite sex. My mom once gave me some solid advice which is, “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.” What a concept! Think about it… you can be completely unfiltered, authentic and sincere, with ZERO fear of the outcome. What a novel idea! Imagine all of the time and energy you could save by being so completely YOU that the other person is able to make a fairly quick decision about their level of interest. They can either move forward in the relationship or figure out that there is no future romantically, in a matter of minutes!

The moral of the story… Don’t be full of crap. Be yourself. Believe in what you have to offer. If you think she looks good, tell her. If you think she’s wrong about her methods to dieting and you in fact know for sure that “consuming large quantities of laxatives is NOT the most effect way to fit into that size 3″… tell her she’s wrong. Men and women need to stop being so “agreeable” while on dates, unless it’s sincere. I’ve got an incredibly sick sense of humor. Virtually NOTHING is off limits for me when goofing around and joking. Which is ironic since the majority of my writings and advice center around spirituality, love and empathy… but that doesn’t mean that stuff isn’t funny. Have you SEEN a duck billed platypus!? Believe me, “Universe/God” has a sense of humor.

But I digress… The point is to be fearlessly YOU. Have some faith that the person sitting across from you will accept and be interested in the authentic version of you. If not… who cares!? That’s the whole point. You’re skipping through the bull and presenting the “truth” of who you are. I’m a fairly charming and intelligent dude… I’ve pursued and been in relationships with people who I KNEW weren’t going to be right for me. I was so wrapped up in the pursuit I forgot to ask myself a simple question “what happens when I actually GET them?”

Those are the messy breakups… when you have to dump someone for some shit that you ALREADY KNEW about them and you pursued them anyway. They’re going to look at you like “wtf, jerk? I told you I lost my pinky toe in a freak lawn mowing accident on our first date. But NOW it’s a problem that it’s summer and you don’t want your friends to see me in sandals because they’ll tease you about it!?” I’ve had women I began dating bring up the fact I have children well after the first date and how they, “could never be a step mom.” Wow! Thanks, probably something you could have let me know on the first date when I was showing your ass my family on Facebook.

Most relationship books and “Guru’s” are going to tell you to use a shotgun approach to dating. That might work for some but not this guy. I can’t stand sifting through person after person who I intuitively knew I wouldn’t get along with. But some writer some where wrote in FHM magazine that it’s the “best approach” and so here I am sitting across from my 4th awful date this week. Now, if this method works for you… kudos! Continue doing it. I on the other hand prefer using a sniper like approach. What is the “sniper approach” you may ask? I target potential mates early on. Obviously, the looks are important. However, for me it’s much more important to see what kind of character a woman has. I want to know what’s beyond the 2 lbs of makeup and self tanner. I’ve dated/married “beautiful” women, who’ve appeared in magazine pages and runways around the country. Bleh… Show me something. I want more. The looks are a wonderful bonus but I don’t want to find myself riding in the car with you after 6 months, thinking “I wonder if I’m going slow enough for her to tuck and roll with minimal injury, so I won’t have to listen to anymore of her idiocy?”

I find it hilarious that men are deathly afraid of this mythical place called “The Friendzone” *boogity boogity!*. If your goal is just to “hook up” or “casually date” then yes, this isn’t the place you want to find yourself. However, if you’re looking for a legitimate “long term relationship”. The “Friendzone” is EXACTLY where you want to be. Men who can’t escape the friendzone simply don’t know how to project enough confidence and self-esteem to create attraction and sexual tension. If you want help with that you’re going to have to read a different article. I’m making the assumption that you already know how to flirt and create that type of sexual energy. The beautiful thing about the friend zone is that you’re allowing someone in and you’re both being authentic. There isn’t any ulterior motives or expectations. It allows you both to decide, based on that friendship whether they’re someone you want to wake up next to for the rest of your lives. Essentially what I’m saying is, start introducing yourself to and making friends with, people you find attractive. That way if you DO decide they’re someone you’d like to pursue later on, you don’t have to worry about being attracted to them. I LOVE the friendzone. Every meaningful, worthwhile relationship I’ve had, began that way.

I’m going to leave you with a few simple words. Be authentic. Be sincere. Be fearless and most of all have fun. Men/Women love to be around people who make them feel good about who they are and the easiest way to accomplish that is by having a good, positive vibe.

Finding love is impossible because love finds you. Learn to love you and you’ll find that you become an irresistible, magnetic force for quality mates.

Flirty Text Messages To Get Her Attention

Traditional flirting is done verbally or with body language but nowadays, using current technology, there is a new way to of flirt using text messages. Just a few years ago this concept would not be such a reality but flirting by hitting the send button on your phone opens a brand new world to make sure she not only starts to pay attention to you but locks on like a laser guided missile.

In the past guys would flirt using a corny pick up line to get a woman’s attention. Although this may produce a quick laugh most pick up lines fall short of actually getting you in the door on a positive and deeper level. Notice I said “positive”? They will get you attention but probably not the kind that you hoped for. Unless you like getting laughed at or having a drink thrown on you.

Flirting with text messages is an art that you can master once you learn the best way to do it. This is a very sneaky way to get you in the door with the right woman and keep you on her mind forever.

One caveat…you have to send the right messages.

You have to stand out from the crowd in order to get a woman’s attention. That’s what it’s all about anyhow isn’t it? So the best advice to share about how to get her attention using text messages is to have simple conversations that are concise, nonchalant and keep her intrigued.

These brief steps will win her attention in almost all new or established relationships. The blueprint is the same for both.

Step 1) The intro- send a short text to make sure its a good time to start flirting before doing it. Being as though this is done via text you have no idea if she is busy working, consoling a friend in dire need or bored out of her mind. This initial text should be an opening message that’s short, sweet and complimentary.

I guarantee that you will get her attention by using flirty text messages. This is similar to kids at the playground asking one another if they wanna play. “Hey” is terrible for this. One that reads

Text 1: “Hope you’re having a good day beautiful…” is much more flirtatious and engaging.

Step 2) Okay now you have her attention it’s time to loosen her up a bit. When she replies “Thx”, it’s time to take it a step further. Tease her a bit and bring her into a fun conversation with you. Ask her something that she will be intrigued to answer and ask it in a fun way.

Text 2: “Do you always do this to people?”

Of course she’s going to want to know what the heck you are talking about and has to reply to you with “do what?”

Step 3) Now is when you deliver the actual message you want her to see. This should be completely original and not some cheesy line she will see right through.

Let her know she’s been on your mind since the last time you saw her. It doesn’t matter whether it was five days ago or five minutes she will be flattered by the way you let her know you are thinking about her.

Text 3: “Stay on someone’s mind when they should be working (studying, sleeping, eating…etc) you get the point!

Check out these surefire tips on how to get her attention with flirty text messages []. There are plenty of ways to start right away to win the girl of your dreams using the most basic words and you phone.

Woman to Woman: Where We Have No Business Forcing Love

From forcing is when a woman unwittingly convinces herself that patience, love and understanding will make a hard man love. What starts off as a virtuous mission quickly becomes a life-affirming duty. Woman to woman, I want to speak on how this won’t work.

So what if he keeps saying he is not ready or looking for what you are looking for, the man only needs time to know what he has in you, right? Wrong. He has already told you what he needs – and that plan doesn’t include you. Now here’s why you can’t understand this.

Women are naturally built to nurture. Nature’s animals instinctively enfold what belongs to them and by watching some of them, you get an accurate visualization of a woman’s role in the household. Her arms spread wide and encircle what belongs to her in a protective and nurturing stance. Women are thus acutely tuned to read and decipher the loneliness and pain of humanity so they can better serve their household’s needs. For single women, this skill would be turned to the object of their affection, as the need to love and be loved is as life-sustaining as the requirement to breathe and eat. It is in our nature to give and create and foster love.

The more resistant the man, the greater the longing to bring him into the bosom, an ode to the woman’s womb – the cocoon from which he first emerged – instinctual and point of reference men ultimately seek in the women they fasten their eyes upon. Women require little motivation to get into this nurturing role, as though the males were Duchêne children needing correction and reinforced attention. All he needs is time and more love. Wrong again. He is a man not a caricature, who has told you what he needs, and his actions therefore have supported his words whether you can accept them or not. Now here’s why you should understand this.

Love cannot be manipulated or controlled. It occurs in various forms as water will – however, as proven in basic Chemistry, add a little something else, no. matter what it is and the composition changes – thus the material no. can longer stand by the same name. So be it with love. Add motivation and it stops being love, it becomes something else. Add reason and you have changed the basic composition of love. Love just is and cannot be conformed to fit into our need to nurture and hold. That is called from forcing.

While it is true that love’s magical properties include a softening of the heart and breaking down of walls, the power lies within its natural flow. This can be seen in many a testimony of hardened individuals who just simply fell in love and could not for the life of them prevent their hearts from turning into warm putty. In thesis situations, please note that the action and ensuing feelings germinated from the man, and were not forced upon by the woman. The woman was formed from the man’s rib and must be for him, not adjust herself to be for him.

The best gift you can give your object of affection is what he has asked for you Respect his position. It may be that you once were there too, and if so, think back to how you felt about love, marriage and children. Would you want that man at your neck breathing all manner of threat and relentless give-and-take conditional, games? I believe you would much rather the one who quietly stood by you while you yourself sorted out, being a non-judgemental friend who did not stick around to see whether or not you would change your mind.

Be that gift instead. Work on your own issues with not wanting to let him go, and be all the better for it If he has let you know where you stand in his life – take it and don’t pretend your ears are suddenly stuffed. Unrequited love has an uncanny way of turning women into needy, vindictive and bitter souls. Don’t do that to yourself, because you just never know who could come knocking on your door ready for your embrace – and find yourself in a place where you are unable to reciprocate.

Online Dating Profile Tips for Middle Aged Men 1-2-3 – No Sugar Coating

1. What To Say and What Not To Say – Let’s face it. It is an online dating profile and the point of an online dating profile is to uh… get a date! So in our profile let’s not talk about past relationships, or how long we’ve been divorced, or separated, or how painful it was, etc. Be honest about it in the Q & A section, but please don’t belabor the point. Your past relationships are just that… in the past. So please talk about current day events, including the type of girl you would like to meet. And if the type of girl you are looking for happens to resonates with one of us female sorts, we just might drop you a line. Why? Because you’ve made it about us and not about your ex. Eventually, should the planets line up, there will be plenty of opportunity to talk about all sorts of things, including our collective pasts.

2. Those Pictures – First, too many pictures screams run! And yes we know you love your kitten Chloe, but a picture of you cuddled up with Chloe is not so sexy. And the full on bicycle gear, helmet, sunglasses, cleats, etc. looks like an advertisement. It is okay as a secondary picture, but not for the main photo. Oh and the picture of you horizontal on a sofa… gazing up into the camera, sorry guys! As for those big fish pictures… chances are we are probably not impressed and the first thing that comes to my mind is gills, guts and stinky fish smell. And please, please, please no zipper shots and save the bare chest for live and in person. For those of you who don’t want to post your picture because you are the CEO of a big corporation, or whatever ‘original’ reason you’ve come up with, you are probably not going to get very far. We want to see your face, your eyes, your smile, and perhaps you in different settings that suggest your interests and those we might share together. Travel, outdoor activities, cooking with friends, etc. We women are like you men in that we want something to look at yes, but please make it interesting to us. Once we get to know each other we will have the opportunity to learn more about you in all different sorts of settings, including the bare chest.

3. Be Honest Honest Honest and Be Real – You’ve had great emails, entertaining text messaging and even a fun chat on the phone, you are SUPER excited and now you’re looking forward to staring into your potential future girlfriend’s big brown eyes while sipping your Cazadores margarita and munching on tortilla chips. You arrive at the restaurant, look around and not a familiar face anywhere in sight. And then over walks a stranger who calls out your name, a stranger who has some bit of familiarity but looks older, is a little heavier and 2 inches shorter than the online profile. Dang! You’ve been hood winked! Trust me on this one: It is not a good way to start out. Be honest in your profile! Be honest about your age! It doesn’t matter if you are trying to beat a search engine, or if you feel like a testosterone raging 27 year old when you are really 65. And be honest about your body type including your height. As much as we might like to think we are bigger and stronger and taller than we really are (me included, all 62 1/2 inches of me), rulers and tape measures all use the same universal standard. So be real! If somebody doesn’t like YOU and embrace YOU for who YOU are… stop wasting your time, because time is finite… treat ‘em like the fish that wasn’t big enough, let ‘em go!

8 Simple Tips To Get A Guy Interested Whilst Talking To Him

When talking to a guy there’s two things that will create interest for him. The first is you as a person (something that you can’t change so easily) and secondly is what you do during the conversation. You see, when a guy is talking to you he’s looking for those little hints that show him if you are or aren’t interested in him as well as general things that might turn him off.

So, this article is going to focus on some simple tips that will make you desirable in a conversation. It’s not about changing your whole way of life but more changing the way you interact with any particular guy so that you can create attraction.

Finally, know that when using these simple tips you need to already be interested in the guy yourself. There’s no point in getting him interested if you aren’t interested in him.

The truth is that, most guys like most girls however, these simple tips will help you stand out from the crowd and give you a better chance at gaining his interest.

Simple Tip 1. Smile Often

I know this may seem obvious but unless a guy gets a smile out of you, he’ll be more than sure that his advances aren’t working. So, if you want to make a guy feel like his doing a good job, jiggle at his jokes, smile when you look at him even if there’s no particular reason. No guy can resist a girl with a beautiful smile.

Simple Tip 2. Be a Woman

Men are attracted by women who know how to play the woman role. As women are almost always attracted to chivalrous men, men are attracted to graceful and coy women. Do not misunderstand coy with shy and timid. It’s not about that.

Have that female flare about you, make him think “OMG she’s so sweet”, flutter your hair, gaze into his eyes, have your own cute expressions – be feminine. This attracts men more than you can imagine. If you learn to be a lovable lady, any guy will want to become your knight in shining armor.

Simple Tip 3. Touch Him

In my personal opinion, touching should always be initiated by the man, however, in this day and age there are a lot of guys that don’t know their place in the world so… if you want to impress him a LOT and I do mean a LOT here, touch him. It’s that simple. Studies have actually proven that both sexes involuntarily start showing more interest and flirt more when they get touched by the other person in the middle of a conversation.

So, if he isn’t touching you (thus showing some interest) touch him yourself! Occasionally, touch his forearm or place your palm on the edge of his shoulder, or any other place that would be appropriate for casual touches, and you’ll see how his interest in you would grow in no time.

Simple Tip 4. Let Him Be a Man

Instinctually men love to protect and provide for their women. When you connect with a man at this level he won’t even know why he is attracted to you. You can do this with very simple things like: holding his arm while crossing the street, smile shyly and ask if he can hold your heavy shopping for a minute, hold his hand as a big scary dog comes near you, be afraid and seek shelter in him when watching a scary movie. Basically make him feel as if he was your protector and he will want to be by your side all the time.

Simple Tip 5. Don’t be a Bitch and don’t talk Dirty

Unfortunately bad words and foul language should never come out of a girl’s mouth, well maybe during sex… but that’s a different story. Most men are TURNED OFF by women that use foul language and they are also turned off by bad people. If you constantly bitch about your coworkers, people on the street, your friends he’ll class you as a bad person and quickly lose interest.

Simple Tip 6. Be Mysterious

As much as men won’t admit this, they find mysterious girls attractive. This happens because if you keep that aura of mystery about you he will constantly want to know more… if you tell him everything from the start he might lose interest but by keeping parts of your life a mystery he will come back asking for more.

Even if your life isn’t all that interesting, he doesn’t have to know it and by keeping that mystery about you it will make him think that you’re so much more interesting. Finally, make sure you stop being mysterious when you’ve got a boyfriend otherwise he’s going to think you’re cheating on him.

Simple Tip 7. Be Mischievous

Sometimes things are going to well for a guy and it gets to his head. There’s nothing like a mischievous girl to bring him back to the ground and show him that things aren’t as he thought. So, make sure you tease him, nudge him by the shoulder, say a few jokes etc. Guys like a girl that is cute, sweet and all of that but it can get boring so, show him that you’ve got a naughty side too.

Simple Tip 7. Show Appreciation and Genuine Interest

If you expect a guy to become interested in you, you need to be interested in him. Basically, when he talks, listen, ask related questions and show him appreciation for what he says and does. It’s only natural that once he likes you, he’ll try hard to impress you, show him some acknowledgement for this and he will love you for it. Most girls take such things for granted and over time the guy looses interest. Don’t be that girl, play it safe and show him that you appreciate him.

Simple Tip 8. Don’t Make It Too Easy

There’s this thing with men, the moment we 100% know we can have something, we lose interest. That’s why it’s always a good idea to play hard to get. Now I’m not talking about high-school hard to get games but, just make his life a little harder than it can actually be. Make him work for you if you want him to cherish you later. Speak with him in a pleasant manner but never let him take you for granted. Also, the older you get the harder it is to make this happen so it’s important to always be aware of this and try to keep a good balance between how bad you want him and how bad you want him to know about it.

In conclusion, these may seem like obvious things but many women overlook them. Now that you actually know how they work, you can keep a closer eye on what you are doing.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to improve your love life, visit – a place where the “conventional dating” mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting, attracting and keeping men. is not just for single women. It’s for women looking to improve their love lives and the quality of their relationships.

Why You Should Join the Mature Dating Game – Now!

Si vous avez atteint l’âge de la retraite et n’avez pas quelqu’un pour partager votre vie avec, il est temps de rendre votre vie plus intéressante. Senior dating fait fureur, et si vous voulez rencontrer des gens comme vous qui cherchent aussi l’amour et de la compagnie, il est temps de se joindre à la maturité du marché de datation.

Toujours pas convaincu ? Voici quelques-unes des nombreuses raisons pourquoi vous devriez le jour même à nouveau à votre âge :

60 Ans sont le nouveau 40. Les retraités ne sont plus considérés comme anciennes. Grâce à l’indépendance financière, les durées de vie plus longues et meilleure santé en raison des progrès remarquables dans les soins de santé, beaucoup d’adultes plus âgés peut désormais mener une vie sociale active et entrer dans la scène de rencontre mature.

Vous ne devez jamais laisser âge vous empêcher de profiter de la vie. C’est vrai ce qu’ils disent: « Vous êtes toujours aussi jeune que vous ressentez. » Vous avez de nombreuses années plus actives à l’expérience passionnantes de relations personnelles. Voilà le moment de voyager avec quelqu’un de spécial. Peut-être vous pouvez jouer le golf ou le tennis. Les meilleures dates pour couples matures souvent impliquent de voir de nouveaux endroits et de rester actif physiquement.

Vous êtes à un stade de vie sans stress. Les pressions de travail et d’élever une famille sont maintenant loin derrière vous. Vous n’avez pas à vous soucier de ce qu’une fois consommé beaucoup d’énergie. Vous avez enfin le temps de déguster et savourer rencontre une nouvelle personne.

Technologie rend plus rapide pour se connecter aux autres personnes âgées dans les lieux de rencontre mature. Ne laissez jamais les ordinateurs et l’internet vous fait peur. Grâce au web, c’est le meilleur temps jamais à être seul et la recherche de partenaires matures dans votre tranche d’âge. Il y a des millions de profils en ligne, et l’un d’eux peut appartenir à l’avenir amour de votre vie. Maintenant, c’est vraiment magique.

Datation en ligne n’est pas pour les jeunes un plus, vous serez étonné de constater combien de personnes âgées maintenant utiliser internet pour se trouver un partenaire approprié. Essayez des sites de rencontres matures où vous pouvez voir les profils des autres dateurs supérieurs. Si vous les aimez, vous pouvez leur envoyer un e-mail, éventuellement discuter avec eux et ensuite de les rencontrer en personne.

Tout ce que vous devez faire pour commencer est de créer un compte en ligne de datation et entrer des informations personnelles comme votre âge, hauteur, Loisirs couleur de cheveux, goûts musicaux – il y a beaucoup d’options. Vous verrez immédiatement une liste des dates possibles dans le domaine que vous avez spécifié.

Défiler, regarder les profils, consultez les photos et si n’importe qui qui attire l’oeil, n’hésitez pas à déposer un message. Vous pouvez ensuite établir une relation en ligne sécurisée avant de décider s’il faut prendre les choses plus loin. Commencez par l’échange de messages et images en ligne tout d’abord et quand vous avez déjà une bonne idée de savoir si cette nouvelle personne est la peine d’essayer, puis vous pouvez organiser une rencontre personnelle.

Finding Love Online

Whether you are techno savvy or not, and whether you are 25 years old or 65 years old, the popularity of online dating just can not be ignored. According to a recent ABC news report, there are over 96 million singles, 5 million of them over the age of 55.

For singles no longer working or feeling too old for a club scene, there are becoming fewer places to meet new, interesting and available peers. Where does a divorced or widowed man or woman of 55 go to meet potential love interests? The answer has become obvious; they go to their computer. And once there, they can find almost anything they are looking for. From christian online dating sites, hobby sites or international dating sites, there are thousands of websites to choose from.

From the safety and privacy of their own home, singles can choose several online dating sites that interest them and start checking personal profiles of potential matches in just minutes. With photos and a short description of themselves, each member usually reveals the basics including age, profession, city, state and number of children, if any. With these common statistics and a few online chats, videos or emails, a connection between two singles begins.

The ease of use and the ability to respond quickly or take their time has been major factors in why online dating works. Safe and comfortable in their own homes, many singles are able to filter through hundreds of potential love interests to narrow the choices to a half dozen or less. They are also less distracted with the standard face-to-face dating issues of where to meet and what to do.

Once a true connection has been made, online dating allows couples to begin getting to know each other in a much more intimate setting and with a lot more privacy. If a serious conversation comes up regarding religion, politics or some other topic, an online dating couple has the freedom to continue discussing it long after the face-to-face daters have said good night.

By the time an online dating couple meets in person, they often truly know each other and the typical first-date jitters are eliminated. Instead of small talk and awkward silences, these couples are off and running with much of the preliminary questions behind them. Better still, many online couples feel more comfortable and relaxed with each other. Their first face-to-face date is about the chemistry between them and not about whether they are even interested or compatible.

Online dating can save time, money and huge disappointments. Equipped with a web camera, singles are able to see each other in the light of day; every day, if they so desire. The ability to say good morning or good night and to talk with one another on good days and bad is another strong reason online dating works.

Lastly, the world has truly shrunk when it comes to online dating. Whether you are searching in your own home town, across the country or half way around the world, online dating makes the connection easy, fun and totally affordable. Ask five of your closest single friends if they are communicating online with an old boyfriend or girlfriend, or any available single outside of their own city and the answer is a strong “yes.” The boundaries of city, state and even country are blurring and disappearing. In fact, the cultural, economic, social and even political differences between countries are making international online dating one of the fastest growing and most interesting venues. Single men and women are realizing they are no longer confined to their own geographical area. The availability and wide variety of choices outside their own location has given many searching singles hope for a chance at love they feel they would not have found anywhere else but online.

10 Of the Worst Mistakes on a First Date

You just can’t deny the fact that asking a person out on a first date can make you extremely edgy. You want to make a very good impression on her, yet you are quite nervous about what is going to happen. Will she be partial to you? Is everything going to turn out flawlessly? Before you actually go on that date, you may like to know that making particular blunders can be a deal breaker. Therefore, these top 10 blunders are the ones that you must keep away from at all costs.

Not talking about the dress code prior to the date can get things off on the wrong foot. You might have asked her out to a formal gathering and you totally forgot to bring this up with her, while she comes in wearing a hoodie and a pair of sneakers.
Setting the date at a really disruptive spot is definitely a no-no. You would wish to take the opportunity for the both of you to know each other a little bit better. it is certainly more appropriate to check out a quieter and less distracting venue instead.
Spending a great deal of money on the date could seem like a great way to impress your date, but it’s not necessary at all. You might even come off as a bit of a bragging or arrogant person. Try to be more moderate concerning your budget.
Revealing a little too much about yourself will certainly put your date off. She does not like to know about the sort of boxers you sleep in, or if you have a foot fetish. Instead, pull back a bit and essentially ask her questions before you arrive at sharing a story concerning yourself.
Answering the cell phone each time will show that you have got other more important matters to attend to than your date. Thus, you may wish to leave the phone at home or just turn it off.
Doing many activities on the first date is something that can take away any chance of you learning more about your date. Planning excessively may truly give you a bit of trouble if you are not into her, and you find yourself having difficulties on what to do in cutting the date short.
Bringing up subjects such as politics, religion or even sex on a first date is never a good thing. you might end up offending her, even if you were just doing this to get to know more about her.
Drinking a whole lot of alcohol on the first date, especially if you’re pretty tense, will do a lot more than just loosen you up; you may become an obnoxious drunk with a foul mouth and a complete disregard for manners and proper decorum. Your way of thinking becomes blurred and you may say something totally inappropriate, which can lead to the date being a complete failure.
Coming to the date late won’t score you any points. It only shows that you are not taking the date earnestly, and you’re just going to end up with a person who is pretty aggravated at you.
Bringing up past relationships isn’t ideal for a first, second or even third date. There’s a time and place for that, and you definitely don’t want to make the date into a soap opera concerning your life.

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You Are Never Too Old for Romance

A friend of mine who is currently in his late 80s recently moved to a retirement residence from the home he had occupied with his late wife for close to 50 years. Prior to the move John wasn’t very well. He spent a lot of time in bed and had difficulty getting around, despite the fact that he had a car as well as a current driver’s license. John’s daughters convinced him that a move to a retirement residence would be good for him in that his frailties would not be an overwhelming liability because there were always people around to look after him.

After the move I did not see John for nearly five months, as he lives in a town that’s a two-hour car trip away. When I finally did visit him we went out for lunch and I noted how well John looked. He had put on a little weight and he wasn’t nearly as dependent on his cane as he had been a previous visit. Before I had the opportunity to ask him, John told me how well he was doing; how he liked living in the retirement residence because there was always someone to talk to and meals were prepared on a regular schedule and there was lots to do.

But the best part for John was the ratio of women to men. “There are at least ten women to every man where I live,” John explained. “And I’ve met someone special.” He then went on to tell about his amorous adventures. It seems the lady in question, a widow, lived in a suite down the hall from him. He had known her family in his younger years, as they attended the same church. But he’d never gotten to know her personally. When he saw her in the dining room he thought she looked familiar, but he couldn’t be sure.

So one day he just walked up to her during the lunch hour and introduced himself. The lady was more than receptive, admitting that she had wondered if he would ever notice her. They discovered that they had a lot in common and really enjoyed spending time together.

“She even set me straight on how Europeans kiss each other on the cheek when they meet. I always thought they just kiss each other on one side of the cheek and that’s that,” John said. “Imagine my surprise when I found out they really do it three times back and forth; first the left cheek, then the right and then the left again. I like that much better!”

Needless to say, John is very pleased that he allowed his daughters to convince him to move to a retirement residence. “If I hadn’t made the move, I’d still be miserable and alone,” John muses. “And I would never have met Melanie.”

John spends his days now playing Scrabble with friends and his evening sitting with Melanie in the fireside lounge reading. Somehow moving to that residence has given John a whole new purpose in life.

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