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Going On A Date Terrifies Me – 3 Ideas To Help Ease The Tension

I go to work in the morning, meet any number of people, male and female, and don’t feel a twinge of nervousness. I’ve met one or two girls that I really like, and I asked one for a date. Why should that bother me? As I’ve said, I meet lots of people of both sexes every day.

Then it hit me. I’d asked this lady out on a date. She seemed pleased to accept. Then my terror struck. I’m going to be alone with this lady for goodness knows how long. Supposing I make a complete blithering idiot of myself?

My terror mounts. I’m on the point of ringing her and cancelling. But that would be rude. What it boils down to is that I got myself into this, I must see it through. After all, what am I? A man or a mouse? Well, actually, the latter fits the description better at the moment.

I remembered the advice my father had given me.

“Just be yourself, old boy.” That’s exactly whom I don’t want to be. I’d rather be anyone than myself. Why can’t I be someone with bags of self-confidence? Someone like the Captain of School used to be.

I worry a lot, too. Often when there’s nothing to worry about. But I can’t understand how I do so well at work, and yet go completely to pieces when I have to meet someone, a lady, on a one on one basis. The main problem was that I really liked her. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to talk to her, to thoroughly enjoy the evening. But the more I thought about it, the more distant such wishes seemed to become.

I know. I’ll telephone mother. She’s a wise old bird. If I ask dad, he’ll just tell me to ‘be myself’. The date wasn’t for a couple of days and in the event, I went round to mother for a good old chat.

1. She told me that a good idea was to write down topics of conversation in case things started to dry up. Then tear up what you’d written. Your mind would retain them, most especially if you expected the best. Another point to consider is that she may be a natural born talker, leaving you to answer instead of having to grope for conversation.

2. Wear comfortable clothes. If you normally wear a 15 1/2″ inch collar, don’t try to strangle yourself in a 15″ collar, just because you like the look of it. Make sure you’ve taken your suit to the cleaners and that it fits. You don’t want the sleeves riding up to the elbows, nor the trousers legs so long that you’re tripping over them.

3. Mother reminded me, rather bluntly, that I wasn’t over-the-top good looking. But a chap with film star looks isn’t necessarily desirable to a lady in any case. It can put her off, especially if she sees other women in the restaurant nudging one another and pointing. You can’t change your looks, so be happy with what you have.

As I said, she’s a wise old bird!

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Why Men Pull Away – Part 2

In the first part of “Why Men Pull Away” we pointed out the fact that guys have a number of roadblocks within their minds. Whenever you recognize those, you can take them down and go forward to a mutually satisfying romance.

You’re going to want to make a deep connection with the man you’re with, and one sure way to do that is by asking some specific questions while you’re chatting, which will enable him to display his true inner personality to you. Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re on the initial date and he mentions he’s a lawyer. You don’t want to interrogate him so that he feels like he’s being sized up… for example “Are you in line to become a partner at your organization?” Or “When will they promote you to a partner?” These kinds of questions are questions women ask all the time. Even if you’re not intentionally trying to size him up, these kinds of questions make him just cringe inside. It would be the same feeling as if he were to ask your age, or worse, your weight! On the other hand – you don’t want to just make small talk. That will make for a boring conversation and there’s no real value. There wouldn’t be that deep connection with you which is critical if he is going to see you as that special someone in his life.

You will want start building a connection with him. Using the lawyer example, once he tells you he’s a lawyer, a great question might be: “What are your favorite kinds of cases to work on?” “Why?” “Will you tell me about one of them?” You’ll see his eyes start to sparkle and light up when he’s telling you about this because it’s something he’s passionate about. This makes him “feel” right. In Part One we discussed the traffic light analogy that men are either in green, yellow or red mode. When your guy talks with his eyes lit up and bright, then you know he’s going to be on green!

So what if you’re in a relationship already? Well, the same thing applies. So your guy had a hard day at work and he wants to talk about it, you reply and tell him: “Gosh, that sounds rough. How did you handle that?” Or in another instance he tells you about a decision he had to make that was unpopular you might say: “How did you find the guts to go against everyone on that?” These questions allow his response to open himself up to you and reveal more about his true self. Because of the way he “feels” when he’s revealing his true inner self, he won’t even be able to explain the intense attraction he feels for you.

In light of what you’ve just learned, here’s the main tip to understanding your guy’s behavior, and why he pulls away, even if everything seems to be going awesome. In the mind of every guy, there are at least two images of himself. He has that image of what he thinks you see him as, and what everyone else sees him as. Before they become men, little boys are generally taught that to be a man, there’s a certain masculinity that they need to live up to. Even though every man is unique, the elements are all the same.

Let’s use the example of imagining your man dressed as a knight in a suit of armor. He might represent himself in this way so that he’s being shielded from all sides. Under that suit of armor he feels very protected so he’s only going to let someone very special see what’s underneath. He’s definitely not going to reveal all to you at one time, but just small pieces at a time. Just be forewarned that if he feels a bit of disapproval from someone, he’s going to put that shield right back up. So then he goes into “yellow light” mode.

Guys really do want to be loved for who they are inside. Ultimately, men feel the need to accomplish important things in life and maybe that they have something to prove. Remember though that men can’t really put into words what this “something” might be, but he feels it deep inside. A key point to realize is that he will feel is deep inside if someone is going to help him move forward to his success in life, or if someone is just going to bog him down. I’m sure it’s quite obvious that if he feels inside that he is being weighed down, that he’ll go into a red light mode and end the relationship.

It is possible at that point, though, to turn it all around and get back to green light mode. As long as he “feels” that you understand his goals and that you will help him, he’ll commit. When you fully pay attention to how he processes his feelings and thoughts, then you’ll understand what his journey is better than he does.

When you realize just how powerful all of this knowledge is, you will be able to keep your relationship moving forward and in green light mode the whole way.

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Do Girls Find Me Attractive? Tips You Should Know

Looking decent, qualities and personalities, what do women expect from men? In other words what do women really want from men?

Simple questions many men consider before they start their first date with a lady.

OK, I will grant you that while no one could in anyway respond to this question with anything resembling a complete response, there are certain characteristics and qualities in a man that women find very interesting. These are usually agreed upon by the greatest psychologists and females themselves. This will give us, the typically clueless male species, a few good insights into a woman’s mindset.

So what do girls need in a guy? On the list is self-confidence. In a lady’s eye, a guy with self-confidence is attractive. In addition to confidence, what else do girls expect from a guy? The answer is honesty and reliability. These three characteristics make guys more attractive than those without them.

1. Self- confidence

Girls want to see actual self-confidence in a guys’ attitude and behavior. If a guy wants to date a girl, he needs to show his true colors of self-confidence. Bravely expressing himself in front of women and delivering convincing words of how he wants to start their friendship and as a result, the friendship could develop further into a partnership. If the guy doesn’t know how to express himself or behaves hesitatingly on their first date, the girl might lose interest in seeing him again. Or, if they are involved in some serious discussions, the guy always comes up with a convincing solution; this outcome will deliver an impressive influence on the girl.

2. Honesty

When a friendship or relationship starts, a girl expects the guy to be honest and always tells her the truth. The guy doesn’t need to tell in words if he is honest or not. Females are more sensitive than men and they can sense and judge from what the guy tells them or from their behaviour. As a result, if the guy really wants to see their relationship developing, he should always treat his beloved girl honestly. No matter what happened, no matter if he is in some difficult situation; tell the truth to the girl, the girl likes to be informed.

3. Reliability

In addition to the other two characteristics, what extra characteristics could add more value or make a guy more attractive and stand out from the other guys? The answer is reliability. When a girl needs you because she is in a tough situation or needs you to give her some suggestions, the guy is always ready to lend a hand. In some situations, reliability plays an important factor in a guy’s character. As we know, from time to time, a girl wants to express her opinions on certain things; in this case she needs not a good listener but also a good consultant to give her a positive and the right direction in order to get out of some difficulties. If the guy behaves positively and can exchange opinions or keep the secret confidential, the girl will feel someone is protecting her and later, their friendship will work out and have a good outcome.

Obviously there are numerous good characteristics that girls expect from a guy. There is a video series titled “The Tao of Badass” online. Those girls looking for a guy, they can go online to purchase it and learn the tactics. In a real situation, what a girl really looking for is not a guy’s good-looking face, not a guy’s money, not even a guy’s muscular body figure, if a guy is attracted to a girl, the guy should deliver an impressive character on the first date. If he is listed on a girl’s pre-selection list, he might have a chance to meet this girl again.

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How to Start Conversations With Women

Everyone always wants to know what to say to a woman in order to start an interaction with her. We all have trouble with this, even some of the best dating coaches in the world. We either go blank on what to say to a woman, or go blank in the middle of the interaction. There are ways to prevent this! Regardless of skill level, anyone can start and hold a conversation with a woman with enough practice.

I have written about the Love Systems Routines Manual, but I want to gauge this article towards volume 2. Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2 is pure genius. This is a great product to add to your collection because if you master it, you will naturally and confidently interact with girls all the time at ease.

The Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2 is filled with countless routines that can be tailored to your identity. One big mistake guys used to make was memorize and deliver routines perfectly, but it just wouldn’t sound right. The reason for this was because they didn’t mean or believe what they were saying! Why recite a routine that has nothing to do with your identity? It comes off as fake and unattractive. With The Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2, you have the flexibility to find a routine that fits you, or tailor/construct one that will represent who you are.

I must advise you to only use this manual as a kickstart to get your conversational skills sharp. If your interactions with women depend on routines for the rest of your life, it is going to hurt you in the long run. It is good to have routines here and there in case you are in a dry spot and have nothing to say, but overall having a natural and organic interaction is what will get you really good with women.

I recommend Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2 because it will help you get out in the field and interact with women. It is going to really sharpen your conversational skills and help you develop strong interactions easily. Eventually, you will have to put the manual away because you will get so comfortable interacting with women that you will not need it. This is a must-have product to help you sharpen your game, but you should never depend on routines to spark the interactions you have with women.

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Things You Need to Know When Dating an Older Guy

For those who started dating in high school, it would usually be with a classmate or a peer. The age difference isn’t all that significant. Even though back then it may be a big deal if a Junior is dating a Senior, when you reach your 30s, a couple years of age gap won’t be that big of a deal anymore. But what if the guy you are interested in is about 10 years or so older?

In love, age should not matter. But there are some instances when it can be a challenge for some, both for the woman and the man. If you really want to be with this older guy, you have to be aware of and prepared for certain idiosyncrasies of this alliance.

The Generation Gap

If he is older by about 10 years or more, chances are you grew up from different eras-he was in high school in the 80s and you in the 90s. In this case, you might find that your ideas on what is considered “cool” or interesting will be different from that of your guy’s. Your taste in music, for example, could vary a lot: he likes to listen to Duran Duran while you like Spice Girls.

If you let this become a problem, you might find yourself fighting for which station to listen to while you’re both in the car. But this shouldn’t be. You can always find a compromise, find music that both of you like. Even if you grew up in different decades, you can always find a common ground whether it be in music or other things.

The Awkward Stares

Being significantly younger than your date could sometimes mean that you will have to endure the piercing (and sometimes judgmental) look from the other patrons of the restaurant, or from pedestrians while walking down the street, or from the group of kids in the park, and anywhere else you and your man might be, especially if he looks old enough to be your dad.

Don’t let this bother you. Thankfully, nowadays it has become more common for people who are years apart to be seen dating. There are only very few who are close-minded enough to judge and look down upon such a situation. As long as you really like each other and that you both know that you are not hurting anyone else, then the opinion of those who don’t agree should not matter.

Maturity Level

This is a big plus when it comes to dating an older man. He is generally bound to have more experience and he is more mature than his younger counterpart Save for some exceptional circumstances, the older guy has already been around enough and will be less likely to be looking around for a good time. The older man is ideal for settling down-he is at that point when he is in search of a partner with whom he will spend the rest of his life. If you are looking for stability, then the older guy is for you.

But take note: he is looking for a partner, not a daughter. Just because you are the younger one doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to be extremely immature and childish. He needs his woman to be psychologically and emotionally stable too.

If you feel that your man is the one for you, there should be no issue that the two of you can’t overcome. Thanks to his experiences, he might already know how to handle the relationship too. This could mean that you don’t have to bear all the burden of making it work. You could truly be partners in this and take your relationship to a whole new level hand-in-hand.

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How to Create a Good Matrimonial Site Profile

If marriages are made in heaven, then why depend on the elderly, wise men of the community, priests, friends, family or matrimonial ads to meet on Earth? If marriage is a union of two souls through the strong bond of love, then why let the whole world choose your partner?

With the advancement of technology, finding a partner for yourself has become easy due to online dating and matrimonial sites. There are a wide range of candidates from which you can choose your suitor, and you aren’t limited to the acquaintances of your family and friends. Besides, this is a safe and secure way to look for love away from the scrutinizing eyes of your friends and family. Nobody else has to know that you’re searching for your special someone.

Searching for your soul mate online, although easy, requires some work. You first need to make a matrimonial profile that is attractive enough to grab attention of the suitors. When filling in your information, make sure you create a profile that will attract the attention of the right kind of person.

1. Put Up a Recent Photo

First impressions are very important. Make sure the picture it is not blurred, taken from a web cam, or a passport size picture. Use a decent-sized picture to avoid pixelation. You may even want to pay a little bit of money for a nice studio head shot.

Keep in mind that the picture is to attract a partner, so don’t wear gaudy makeup or scandalous clothes. Go for something simple and classy. Put a picture that accentuates your features and your charming smile.

2. Be Precise and Follow the Format

Every matrimonial site has different sections allocated for hobbies, occupation, complexion, height, education level, and so on. You do not need to write a book in the ‘About Me’ section. When you fill in your information and your preferences, the site’s software filters your results. Be as detailed and honest as possible, filling out every section of the profile and personality format. If you don’t, your results might not match you as well as they could.

When adding details, keep in mind that your profile is not the place to tell your life story. This can bog down the software and may turn away potential suitor. Save it for your date.

3. Be Honest

While writing about yourself, just be honest. Do not exaggerate or write anything narcissistic. Weigh every word you write, keeping in mind it is what will give your suitors their first impression of you. Stick to reality and be yourself. Trying too hard to impress someone you’ve never met may work against you once you go on a date.

4. Clearly State What You Want in a Partner

Replicate the person of your dreams clearly, but keep in mind that no one is perfect. List out the essential qualities that a man or woman needs to have before you would consider dating them. Decide which things you can live without, and which things you aren’t willing to budge on. It’s okay to be a little picky when choosing your life partner. But at the same time, you might have a hard time finding someone that fits every single tiny bit of criteria you’ve dreamed up since childhood. There are so many different types of people on matrimonial sites that stating what you want will save you a lot of time and effort.

5. Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Whether you believe it or not, your profile and every word mentioned gives an insight to your personality. Loose sentences, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and writing like ‘thIS’ give people the idea that you have a sloppy personality or don’t care much about finding your perfect mate. Run a spell check and read everything aloud before publishing it.

6. Ask for a Second Opinion

After completing your profile, ask for an opinion from a friend or family member who knows you well. Ask them if it reflects you well, and if you left out anything important. Choose someone who knows you really well, because they can actually be a better, less biased judge than you on how well you’ve presented yourself.

7. Go Live and Wait for Dates

Once you’re confident your profile reflects your personality and your desires for a partner, publish the profile. As soon as it is published, the website’s software will begin looking for matches for you. Once the matches have been made, decide who to reach out to for a date.

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How to please women – in and out of bed

Men, as a rule, tends to focus on pleasing women only in the bedroom. Scores of books and manuals have been written on the subject but most are only concerned with one aspect of the relationship, when you need to understand how to please her on many different levels. Therefore, the best advice you will ever get will be on how to please your woman out of bed as well as in!


Beautiful, caring and totally frustrating to most men is the creature you call woman! Now would be the word many men use to describe the women in their life and though they love them dearly, understanding them is quite another story. Yet if you are going to learn to please a woman, it is vitally important that you garner at least a smidge of understanding.

What is it that makes a woman tick? To review that could take a millennium or more, so focus instead on what she needs from you. Women have an innate desire to feel safe, which means you take on the role of protector. Have you ever wondered why women tend to gravitate toward the “bad boys”? It is not their jerky attitude but their masculinity that draws them.


Now that we have settled that part of the debate you may be wondering how you can convey masculinity. Before you go out and buy a new wardrobe filled with denim and plaid or shop for a new Harley, you should understand this is more attitude and confidence than outward appearance. For example, a confident man who makes decisions for himself will not always be at her beck and call. In short, pursue your life and do not make major adjustments to accommodate the woman in your life. (Of course, some compromised are necessary, but not on every single point)


Do you want a woman to love you beyond measure? Prove that you understand her and who she is beyond her outward appearance or what she can do for you. What does that mean exactly? It will be different for each woman goal a prime example can be found in a Disney cartoon! As Blade as that might sound, when the Beast takes beautiful to the library and offers it as a gift he won her heart was on the spot. Why? Because reading stories is what made her tick, which meant diamonds, gold, fancy clothes or other expensive gifts would have meant very little. Tap into her passions by listening and paying attention, your woman will tell you what is meaningful to her if you are patient.


This is the area men tends to gravitate to first, how to please a woman in the bedroom. However, you will notice it is at the end and not the beginning of this discussion. There is a very good reason for this carefully chosen placement, are you ready? Sex in your relationship is not an extracurricular activity independent from all else aim year extension of every part of your relationship with her. Too many men are under the mistaken impression that women are less sexual creatures than men, but this is simply not true there are just different rules governing desire and way too many myths!

You do not have to be Don Juan in the bedroom to satisfy the woman in your life. You do have to be an attentive partner and get the rest of the relationship on the right track if you want any hope of good bedroom relations. Once these things are in order, there is one thing you need to remember, foreplay! If you doubt the veracity of this claim, try getting naked and sliding down a dry slide.

In addition to the basic rules of engagement you have some options for pleasing your woman in bed including dirty talk, adventure, toys and much more! Now, here is the key, be careful with any of the above in fact you may want to discuss some possibilities immediately because as already stated not all women are the same. (Getting rough or talking dirty to a woman who has suffered abuse in her past will not play well at all!)

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Am I a Dating Loser?

This is the 21st century and women are still the same dating mistakes. They are asking the same old questions:

· Why can I not find the perfect man?

· What is the problem with me?

It’s not their fault

The truth is that women have been programmed – Yes, programmed – thinking that they shape-shift in “perfect” woman to make a working relationship. They are too eager to give up what they are because they value themselves and do not understand men. As a result, they end up by dating many men who are not relationship material. Another hard truth is that shape-shifting occurs only in fiction.

The women have been menties and induced in error by the company and especially Hollywood, thinking that fictional, romantic fluff actually exists in the real world. For example, any woman who has seen the film Jerry Maguire will recall the scene in which Jerry (Tom Cruise) viewing intensely vulnerable to Dorothy (Renée Zellweger) and said: you. All. Me. Every woman at the theatre probably the collective sigh of the woman remembered wishing that a man was talking about these words it.

Dating disasters

But what woman really wants a man saying that she completes him? Believing in fiction romantic fluff laid the groundwork for dating drama as for woman and then tried to adapt to their unrealistic expectations of relationship. Thus, women have become bad – guy magnets. Many have experienced the following kind of man with disastrous consequences for their spirit of meetings:

O the guy with no ambition

O the guy claiming to be sexual partners

O the guy who drinks too much

O the guy who cheats

O psychological aggressor

O the guy who is a gay in the closet

What was wrong?

They tried to be this woman, and is perfect for these men become someone other than themselves to please them. When a decent man arrives, they have become in need makes it the responsibility of the man to reassure them. They have become sticky think that if they were together all the time, it could not fall out of love with them. The relationship became suffocating; the decent man bolted. This man wants someone who has need of encouragement, affection and attention?

Take action

In order to have a healthy relationship, women need to do two things:

1 Learn the importance of confidence and recognize their unique beauty to become a safe and confident women that they were created to be, and

2 Learn how to understand how men think so that they can behave and communicate in a way that men respond effectively to the.

When women do the above, the cycle of meetings-drama will disappear and their two age-old questions will become irrelevant.

Pamela has personally experienced most of the disasters referred to in section meetings and had to learn through the school of hard knocks. According to her, it is extremely important for women to make their behavior and expectations without impact and undermine the success of the relationship. For more information, visit his Web site to learn more about the elimination of dramatic encounters.

Best 3 Dating Tips For Adult Females

Dating tips are crucial should you be attempting to seek out your Mr Right but is it even doable, since we understand that no one is excellent?

You definitely can find yourself appealing to many of the fantastic guys around the world if you are a secure and confident lady from the start. You will need to demonstrate to people that you know who you are along with what you prefer but while doing so, not too arrogant or you will scare the men away!

So after you have encountered someone whom you think appears good enough, precisely how do you know whether he is indeed Mr Right? Listed below are 3 dating tips which can help to ascertain if he is just the appropriate guy for you. You should consider the following questions right in the beginning before you even begin dating somebody. That may help you save lots of time.

1. What exactly do you consider in a man?

Everyone is different and it all depends on what qualities you are looking for in a guy. Are you looking for someone who has a good amount of humor and sensitivity or would you prefer a serious and mature man? Is truthfulness important to you?

Spending time to think about this is important since you are going to spend your life with him so you do not want to make the inappropriate decision. Nonetheless, that does not mean you ought to notice every single of these qualities in the man. As long as he has the majority of them and you feel blissful and comfortable being with him, that is a very good sign.

2. Is he a manipulative man?

You will not want to spend your life with someone who will try to manipulate you hence be on the look out to ascertain if he is the manipulative kind of man. In the event that he is, then you certainly should be on alert mode since you are not very likely to be happy with him down the road thus make your selection very carefully.

3. Is he a family guy?

Nearly all women would want to marry their Mr Right and have a family with him but not all men think the same way. Therefore, it is really not unreasonable that you ask him whether he wants to have kids in future. You will not be attempting to rush him however it is always better to know from the very beginning of the relationship to see if he is the family kind of guy or does he only desire to date and enjoy?

A family guy will almost certainly let you know that he would love to have little ones and may also speak about how many he wishes to have. On the other hand, you should think about looking in other places if he becomes defensive or perhaps sensitive to your query. One point to keep in mind is that you probably should wait till the two of you have gone out a couple of times before asking the question subtly.

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Things To Remember When Dating a Younger Guy

In dating, when a man is a few years older by let’s say about 5-8 years, it is still not at all significant. But what if it is the woman who is older? Thanks to Demi Moore, Courtney Cox and Madonna, such a pair is no longer as stigmatized. Age should not be a hindrance to finding love, or at least a date.

If you have are interested in a younger guy, you have to know what you are getting yourself into. This is not to scare women away from seeing a younger guy, but just to give you a heads-up about some issues that may arise.

The Age Issue

Even if he was the one who asked you out, sometimes issues about the age difference could crop up in certain instances. Just be prepared and on the look out not to let it dampen the passion you have for each other. Age is only an issue if you make it one. Treat him as you would a guy your age. One thing a man does not want to feel is being inferior. He may be junior in years, but he is still your equal in the relationship.

Who Gets the Tab

If you are dating a man who is not as financially stable as his older counterpart (or you), then there has to be a clear understanding of who gets to pay when you go out. If you don’t mind going dutch, then it is probably a good setup. Or better yet, get creative and find ways to go out and have fun without having to spend so much. Restaurants and movies are not the only places to go when on a dateanyway. Plus, if your guy is younger, he’s bound to be more creative and adventurous. Just go with it and who knows where your date could take you.

Partner or Son?

Another issue about the older-women-younger-man relationships is that there could be confusion between having a partner or having a kid to take care of. If you are really looking for a serious partner, take a look at how your man sees you-a mate or a mother? Women are naturally nurtures, but that doesn’t mean that you have to baby your lover. As I have said earlier: treat him as an equal, not a child.

Where Is It Going?

Women are generally more mature than men of the same age. This follows that there is a very big risk that a man much younger could be much less mature than you in terms of emotions, priorities, among other things. Most men in their 20s do not give too much thought about settling down yet. They are out to have fun and experience the world. Take note that men of this age could be just starting out to live independently and make a name for themselves.

If you don’t mind going along with his lifestyle, then it could work out just fine. But if you’re looking to settle down, you may have to thoroughly assess where he is right at the moment. If you’re not on the same page, it may be time to move on and find one who has the same outlook as yours. You can’t force a man to settle down if he’s not ready for it. Doing so will only bring heartache.

But if you feel that you have found a partner in a younger man, congratulations! You are in for lots of adventure and experiences that you may not get from a man your age or older. Relax, enjoy the ride, and who knows, he may be the right one for you.

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