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Sexual Desire – How to Make Her Want It From You

OK, here’s the scene: You see a guy approach a woman and it’s obvious he’s not as good-looking as you, not as well-dressed, but before you know it he’s leaving with her and from the way she’s looking at him, he’s probably going to have a really fun night as you sit there, stunned, wondering “How did he do that?”. Well, keep reading and I’ll let you in on his secrets.

Rumors vs. Facts

OK, now some women wouldn’t want a man sexually unless he was really hot or rich. However, this is not most women. The first thing that’s going to attract her to you is the fact you’ve got the courage and confidence to start talking to her. Be interesting in your conversation and she will look at you differently. Once you’ve got her attracted to you, she’ll start wanting you. Now, for the next shocking (or is it?) part.


Have you ever noticed that the things you want the most are the things you can’t have? Perhaps one woman that you’ve pursued in the past just resisted you no matter what you did and instead of looking elsewhere, you found you were even more attracted to her and wanted her ten times as much as you did at the start? This is psychology at work, and just like men, women want what they can’t have. This explains a lot about women who approach married men.

Anyway, you’ve got her wanting you and if you resist, even reject her, then she’ll want you even more and she will redouble her efforts to have you. She’s probably not used to rejection so if you push her away, you’ve just become a challenge and you’ve given her incentive to not stop until she gets what she wants. It is possible for this tactic to backfire but in most cases it’s a sure thing.

The Power of Suggestion

This tactic is very old and has been used not only in seduction, but in many aspects of life. For example, have you ever found yourself getting hungry at the movies when advertisements for the snack bar came up on the screen before the movie started? Sometimes they play that old cartoon with the dancing treats, singing “Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, and have ourselves a snack.” This is suggesting to you that you should go get something to eat before the movie starts and it often leaves you hungry. This same thing can be used in getting a woman to want to have sex with you.

All you have to do is plant the seed, so if you make some sexual innuendos, you can get her thinking dirty. Tell her about a buddy of yours that walked up to women and asked them if they liked oral sex, then laugh and shake your head at how crazy that was that he did that. Perhaps ask her if she thought that was pretty gutsy. She’ll be picturing things before you know it, and likely that lovely outfit she’s wearing will be looking just as great on your bedroom floor. I don’t have to tell that this can backfire as well, but it does work the majority of the time, so try it out.

If you talk and act the right way, it won’t matter if your pockets are nearly empty or if you’re not the best-looking guy in the world. Just be confident and talk to her the right way, and she’ll be eager to go home with you and get out of her clothes and into your bed.

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Meet Interesting People From Diverse Backgrounds With Phone Dating

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The dating websites are incorporated with number of features, easy to navigate and offers complete security to privacy of user. Phone dating is easy and convenient way to meet interesting people from all walks of life. To get started, all an individual needs to do is register online, create a profile and upload the current profile picture with other relevant personal details. Registration is completely free with absolutely no fee involved. As per personal preference, interest and hobbies member can browse through vast database of members profiles enlisted in website and make a prime choice. Utmost priority if given to privacy and confidentiality of user, all private communication and messages are only accessible to the profile owner.

With millions of user profiles being updated on these websites every day, users are sure to find a potential partner with similar likes and interest. The popularity of phone dating has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It is one of the fastest and growing ways to connect with potential singles. Interactive phone dating services allows members to reach out to interested and prospective dates at any time, Send and receive messages at any time 24×7, and also request a confidential one on one conversation with member of choice. The free chat lines are highly safe and secure with the caller details and phone number never getting revealed to third person without prior authorization.

It is highly recommended to take time out and verify the reliability of sources before registering online. Best way to do so is by checking reviews and testimonials published in the website. Whether you are looking for casual conversation with interesting girls, or looking for explicit chats, phone dating is your one stop source. Clients also have the option to try out the service free of cost for trial period before registering. The websites are not just restricted to chats. You can find interesting stories, relationship tips from experts, celebrity gossip and dating advice online. there are number of other benefits to be derived with phone dating. It offers user the privilege of anonymity, an option to verify on compatible level before starting on a date, no emotional risks, eliminates overhead expenses etc. For more information on these services, individuals can always check the website help sources.

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Top 7 Reasons Why Guys Get Friend Zoned

7. Ne jamais le leader, toujours le suiveur

Qu’il convient aujourd’hui que par le passé. Pour être matériel de petit ami, c’est un plus d’avoir les qualités d’un leader. Entreprendre les premières démarches, proposer des choses à faire et endroits à visiter. vous lui demandez probablement où pour aller et ce qu’il faut faire tout le temps. La plupart du temps elle va juste dire « Je ne sais pas » et vous demandez arrière droite ? Parfois, elle fait une suggestion, mais presque tout le temps, que vous ne voulez pas le faire. Une ombre ou le caractère « côté » dans l’histoire n’obtiendrez vous n’importe où mais la zone ami.

6. Vous êtes ennuyeux !

C’est plus problématique pour certains gars parce qu’ils n’ont pas idée à quel point ennuyeux qu’ils sont. Même si ce qu’ils font ou parlent est intéressant pour eux, c’est peut-être pas intéressant pour les autres. Savoir si vous êtes amusant et intéressant de parler ou être avec. Savoir si les filles sont engagées dans vos conversations ou non. Surveillez les signes qui se dégagent de ce sentiment qu’ils ne sont simplement pas intéressés. C’est peut-être qu’elle garde de vous interrompre, elle obtienne facilement distraite, ou il peut même être plus tôt simple que son corps se détourner de vous.

5. A suivi les “amis première” méthode

Nous avons entendu tout cela auparavant, « je vais juste être une amie pour un certain temps et puis je vais faire mon déménagement, lorsque le moment sera venu ». La réalité va écraser même le meilleur vous là-bas. Celui qui dit que cette méthode fonctionne a échoué ou est devenu le meilleur ami, qui est un toute autre enfer dans son auto. C’est un gâchis, que vous ne voulez pas être dans parce que a: vous cachent vos véritables intentions et b: il ne garantit pas la réussite par la suite. Ne vous punissez pas et ne vous cachez pas vos intentions véritables. Dans le cas contraire, la zone ami est où vous serez.

4. Vous êtes trop facile

Si vous ne possédez pas un défi pour les dames vous verra que trop facile ou trop disponible. Les gens veulent ce qu’ils ne peuvent pas avoir, et cette règle s’applique à la femme tout comme elle s’applique à tout le monde. En fait le plus souvent lorsque la jeune fille est plus attrayante, plus tenaces elle sera ! Pensez à ce sujet, tout le temps, qu’elle peut obtenir ce qu’elle veut de n’importe quel mec. La puissance du rejet ou de simplement retenir vous fera à paraître difficile.

3. Vous ne Flirtez

Il s’agit d’une des causes plus dévastatrices de pourquoi les gars s’ami zonée. Ils flirter tout simplement pas. Flirter est natures plus puissante forme de communication attraction. Il prend plusieurs formes, comme le langage du corps, langue parlée, toucher, texte messages etc.. Flirter crée une tension sexuelle qui est essentiel si vous voulez être considéré comme plus que juste un ami. Vous donnez ses messages texte ennuyeux qui semble être en boucle jour après jour. Vous êtes trop peur de la toucher. Vous aussi probablement agir trop gentil, lui donnez trop d’espace et avez tout simplement peur d’en faire plus.

2. Faible qu’estime de soi

Comment vous vous comportez est très important pour les femmes. En fait quand je demande les dames sur leur opinion sur les gars, la quasi-totalité d’entre eux ont mentionné la confiance et l’estime de soi. Si vous n’aimez pas qui vous êtes, alors comment vous vous attendre à d’autres de vous aimer. Si vous n’êtes pas confiant dans lesquels vous êtes aucune fille ne sera persuadée d’être avec vous. Les femmes sont censées pour être que les plus précaires ont pris ce rôle aussi les gars ?

1. Hésitation

Oui, la raison numérique pourquoi les gars s’ami zonée est parce qu’ils hésitent. Arrivée d’occasion ils convaincront toujours ne pas le prendre et attendre un peu plus longtemps. Ils ne savent pas que certains gars là-bas sont prêts à créer des possibilités quand on ne s’affiche pas. Parfois je me demande quelle est le bon moment pour faire un geste. Je leur dis la même réponse chaque fois, maintenant ! Si ce n’est pas maintenant alors plus tôt qu’ils pensent. Hésitation est paralysant et peut vous conduire à toutes les autres raisons mentionnées ci-dessus. C’est la pire plus unipare à planter dans votre esprit. Méfiez-vous de ces semences et éviter à tout prix.

10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Really Into You

Have you recently met a guy and have been pondering whether or not he’s into you?

Telling if a guy is actually into you is much easier than most women think. Often time’s women let their own personal feelings get in the way of their thinking and later realize that they have been wasting time with a guy that doesn’t actually like them.

So, before you take things further, this article is here to show you 10 ways in which you can tell if a guy is really into you or not. The first 5 will show you if he is attracted to you while the next 5 go so far as proving if he is in love with you or not.

Even if he’s playing hard to get, these are things that he can’t always control and will help your reveal the truth about his feelings.

1. Watch His Eyes

It’s very easy to tell if a guy is into you just by watching his eyes. Unlike other body parts that we can control, our eyes are different. If someone (male or female) is excited or has strong feelings about something, their pupils dilate. So, if you are talking to a guy and you see that his pupils are dilated it’s quite evident that he likes you and is even turned on by you.

Also, when talking, you can tell by the way and looks and you and the way he pays attention to you. If a guy makes eye contact often it tells you a lot. We often reveal far more than we desire through our eyes so be sure to look for this next time when you see him.

2. He Feels Happier Around You

This may seem like obvious advice but it’s very often overlooked. The simple fact that a guy can’t hide his smile around you or the fact that he is often overexcited tells you all you need to know. Sometimes you’ll even see that the guy blushes easier just because you’re there. If he’s fond of you or likes you this is the sort of stuff that will reveal his feelings, you can even put him to them to the test.

3. He Does What You Like To Do

This is another prime example of what guys do to be in the presences of someone they have strong feelings for. Think about the activities you love and if you see him doing them with you it’s evident that he wants to spend more time with you. Example a guy watches “The Notebook” with you…
It doesn’t matter what his feelings are towards your interests, he will do them just so he can be in your presence more often.

4. Spending His Weekends With You

Because we all have busy lives, we view weekends as that part of the week when we can relax and do what we ENJOY THE MOST. So, if a guy is just your friend, he’ll leave the weekends for something else, something that he enjoys the most. But, when a guy wants to spend whole weekends with you, it’s very evident that you are one of the things that he enjoys the most.

This happens involuntarily because when we like someone we just want to be around them all the time. The guy won’t sit down and think “Hey, if I hang around all day with her she’ll know that I’m head over heels for her” No! The guy just does this because he feels it’s what he wants to do the most over this weekend. So, if a guy wants to spend his weekend with you, it’s clear that you mean a lot to him.

5. He’s Overly Concerned

We’re all concerned, at least to a degree about our friends and relatives but, when you’ve got a guy that’s overly concerned about you, it can only mean one thing. He’s truly into you.

If he asks you if you had lunch, offers his coat when you’re cold, wants to take you to the doctor even if it’s a minor thing it means he’s overly concerned about you.

This is OK at times but I do know it can become frustrating other times. The fact is, it’s just one of those things a guy can’t control. We have it in our instincts to “take care of our woman” and such instincts only kick in when we feel something for her – which is a good sign if you were wondering if he’s into you or not.

OK so these first 5 ways show you if a guy is into you, but what about being really into you? What about being in love with you? Well the next 5 ways will take you a step further.

6. Loves To Touch You

Did you just get a new pair of earrings? Well he’s probably going to want rub his fingers innocently by your ears as he checks them out. Any man that likes a woman will want to touch her, all the time. It’s not a perverted way of touching, but more a sensual one. Guys love to make contact and if they really like you this is involuntary.

If you’ve got a guy constantly touching some part of you, it’s quite evident that he’s really into you. We just can’t stop it, we want to feel you all the time, it feels natural to us and it’s another way of asserting our masculinity. So, if you feel the same way of course, you, as a woman, should naturally respond to this by touching us back.

7. He Gives You a Nice Nickname

Nicknames are a fantastic, somewhat involuntary way for men to show their emotions. See, unlike women, it’s much harder for us to show emotions but a nickname is an easy way to do it. We basically take a person we like and give her a nickname, by doing this we associate that nickname with a feeling (usually pleasurable feeling) so, whenever we say that word we feel that feeling. It’s outstanding how different we are as human beings but this is a very basic way for a guy to show his emotions.

Also, the more he calls you by that name the more he wants to feel that feeling, which proves that this guy is head over heels for you.

8. Your Birthday Is Everyday

This is probably one of the most obvious ones but nevertheless important. If you’ve got a guy sending you flowers at work, buying you gifts, taking you out all the time – without a doubt he’s into you. If he’s still doing this even after you’ve had sex, he’s probably in love with you.

Again, men are not good at displaying emotions and often think that presents and treating a woman is a good way to do it. Well, regardless of your opinion on this issue; make sure you cherish these early stages of the relationship because at least then this is how guys display their affection.

9. Pays Attention To Your Needs

This is another one of those things that are completely involuntary when a man is into a woman. It becomes even more evident when you’re in a group of HIS friends. If he gives you special attention, more attention that to his friends then you’ve got him because any guy that gives you more attention than he gives to his friends is obviously caring much more about you.

10. Watch His Friends

We, as humans, talk about what’s on our minds so, naturally, when you fall in love with a person – that person is always on your mind – and as a direct result all you talk about is that person.

If you meet up with his friends and they say stuff like “We’ve heard so much about you” “Oh, It’s great to finally meet you” and even when you start telling a story about you guys they say “Ah, we know… your guy already told us” it’s quite evident that recently, all he’s been talking about is you.

Also, if you’re out with his friends and they pay attention to what you say, do and how you feel, you can know for sure that you’re guy already told them that he likes you and wants them to be on their best behavior to impress you.

This is very important to a guy, and I do it as well. Here’s why: men do this because if a guys has his friends to be nice to you then you will feel good around his friends (meaning you can hang out more together) but this also has a double effect because if YOU are having a nice time you will also be pleasant and as a direct result, his friends will also like YOU. It’s funny because they were nice to you in the first place and now they like YOU because of that.

So, to simplify, if a guy goes to all this trouble for you, he’s probably in love with you.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to improve your love life, visit – a place where the “conventional dating” mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting, attracting and keeping men. is not just for single women. It’s for women looking to improve their love lives and the quality of their relationships.

Getting Your Self Esteem In Order Online

A lot of times it is underestimated just how important that self-esteem that you bring to the table online is.

Many people assume that self-esteem can be faked or simulated behind the safety net that only a computer monitor can bring. After all, this allows men to never have to look women in the eyes when they are about to write their very first email and hit on them.

Although this may seem to be the case it is not very true at all. This is because often times what men fail to realized while partaking in internet dating is that a lack of self-esteem will often emerge unintentionally through the language that is used. Writing in ways that use the wrong words will cause us to appear weak and desperate. This is the last thing we want to do if we want to attract women.

So lets discuss a couple of ways and methods that we can use to get our self-esteem in tip top shape for when we are ready to meet and date all of these beautiful women. My first suggestion would be to never under any circumstances check the sent box of your email to see what women have opened and not responded to your emails. This is the absolute fastest way to throw a wrench into your game and make you start to doubt yourself and what you are writing.

When we doubt ourselves, we change the way we approach women and we lose our confidence. You have to keep in mind when online dating that it will be impossible to receive responses from every female that we wish to talk to. The best thing we can do is reveal our best selves and hope it works out.

The next thing we want to do to get our self esteem in order is we want to work on our inner game by socializing as much as possible in the real world. Every day, get out there into the scary world and try to talk to people in real life. Get a feel for what its like to hold a long, hard, conversation. Once you get used to approaching people you will realize that people are not nearly as scary as they may seem in your own head.

Finally, talk yourself into it. The more you believe you are the best, the quicker you will become the best.

So get cracking on that self-esteem and find the online dating success you are looking for!

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10 Reasons He Won’t Commit

1. The mindset of a man

You first have to understand the mindset of MOST men. Especially younger men. A lot of men when single feel they can free roam the world and seek out a partner. When they find a partner that they are completely crazy for, they will love to settle down with them. However, if you’re not that person for that guy, then his mind goes into a different mode. He thinks of it as “Is this woman really worth giving up all these other women in the world?” It’s sad but true. Because of this, he plays the woman as “insurance”. Insurance meaning he keeps her around as a potential partner but doesn’t want to get involved just incase something better comes along. Because of this, friends with benefits is formed and the phrase “we’re talking/dating” is used to describe your status. Your job is to let him know you are the girl to be with. A lot of girls do it wrong and say “It’s my way or the highway” which means to the man that you’re going to commit or not have me. Well, the guy will probably choose not to have you. NEVER FORCE A GUY INTO ANYTHING. DON’T THREATEN HIM. The rest of this article will show you how to increase your chances to meet a guy.

2. He feels he is losing his freedom

A lot of men also feel that they are losing their freedom when they get into a relationship. Your job (at first) is to let him have his freedom. Don’t let him walk over you but never tell him he can’t do something in the beginning of the relationship. Let him have fun but also let him know you are too. Don’t stand around waiting for him to call or come home. If he is going out to party then you should go hang with your girls.

3. You’re not what he is looking for

You probably just gave off a bad first impression. Guys know if you’re dating potential within the first minute of meeting you. If you already screwed up, then blow it off and STOP TRYING. Never chase a guy. Stick your head up, smile, laugh, dress real cute, and have fun. Show him what he missed out on. Literally, show him.

4. He is immature and doesn’t know what he wants

If he is a younger guy, then it’s not you it’s him. He doesn’t know what he wants. He wants to play the field. If that is the case, let him and go have fun. Just as mentioned in number 3, don’t chase him. Have fun and let him know you don’t need him. That is the best thing you can do to a guy. Men hate it when a girl feels they don’t need him. It’s in men’s primal instinct to be the provider and leader. When a woman takes that role away and shows she can do it better, you have his attention.

5. Your confidence level

This is the most important one. You have to be confident. In fact this is so important I would say it’s the most important tip EVER on how to get men. I would say nothing comes close to it. It’s all about how you carry yourself. You have to be sure of yourself or no man will. I know numerous men who say that they want a girl who is confident and who knows what she wants. Your body language is key. Look at a guy, smirk, and go turn your head away and go back to what you were doing. Talk with your hands. Laugh a lot. Be the leader within your group of girls.

6. You’re clingy

I put this and number 7 on just for the fact that they are the biggest turn offs to men. Nothing is worse than the clingers who suffocate you. It just brings down a guy’s whole day.

7. You’re the jealous type

Same as above. You don’t want to be the jealous type and bring up everything that you think is wrong. The guy will get annoyed and push you away. Not only that, it makes you look really unattractive.

8. Men are shallow

Men are very shallow. That is just fact. He feels you’re not attractive enough for him. I recommend checking out my article “How to Look Better Instantly by Correcting These 5 Things Part One”

9. Are you strong and independent?

This is probably the second most attractive trait to a man. Two reasons for this. First off, it’s sexy to see a girl who can take care of herself and is willing to do whatever she has to to get to where she has to go. Secondly, I know a lot of men who want to be the provider for a girl when in a relationship since it’s in their nature but, it is still a responsibility he has to take up. Show him that you’re able to take of yourself is a huge turn on and a weight off his shoulders.

10. You’re forcing it

You’re trying to hard. Stop. Relax. Back off him. This is really ugly to men. Just work on you and men will follow. That is the best tip out there. Women worry about impressing men. If you just take the time and be you and work on bettering yourself, men will flock towards you. I promise.

My self-improvement site:

Are You Too Old For A Boyfriend?

How old is too old to have a boyfriend? I am talking about a 60 year-old woman who walks around and tells everyone about her 70 year-old “boyfriend.” Doesn’t she really have a man-friend?

After high school, isn’t it time for women to stop calling their significant others “boyfriends?” I’m sorry, but a 43 year-old man is not your “boyfriend.” He is your man-friend. He is your lover. He may be the man you’re wildly humping every night of the week. For some of you, he might be your meal ticket. For some of you he might be your booty call. Your “boy,” however, he is not.

Women complain all the time about how they don’t want to date boys… but then they objectify us by calling us “boyfriends.” How are we supposed to act? If you want to get us off the Wii, then you have to treat us like men (instead of boys).

Now the men are not going to escape this wrath. So here’s another thing. Men should not be calling their woman-friend, lover and main squeeze their “girlfriend.” Unless you’re Chester the Child Molester, you do not have a “girlfriend.” You have a woman-friend.

Here’s another contradiction. Women get so pissed when you call them “girls” and when men treat them like girls. When a guy introduces them to his friends as his “girlfriend,” though, they get all gushy. Make up your mind!

That is why labels are so stupid. There are times when every woman is still a little girl and every man is still a little boy… no matter what age they are. So really, the next time you want to throw a label on something, think about it first. If you want to be my “girlfriend,” then don’t yell at me if I treat you like a girl and not like a woman.

If you are dating me, I want to be called your lover and your man. I do not want to be your “boyfriend,” because when I picture a boy all I see is a little kid nibbling on Skittles candy… not on your hard, erect nipples.

Now if you really want me to be your “boyfriend,” then we might as well eat a lot of sugar, get some teenage acne, make out, dry hump all over each other, get blue balls, then painfully go home and jerk off. I remember the first time my high school girlfriend gave me blue balls. I laid down for fourteen hours with everything hurting from breathing to peeing.

So really, let’s call each other what we actually are. Also, for you ladies, if you are still dating boys then you’ll get that “boyfriend” you always say you want.

Women tell me over and over again in the blog that they want to know where all the men are, yet they continue to talk about wanting a “boyfriend.” Be careful what you wish for… because if you say you want a “boyfriend,” you are going to get that immature man-boy over and over again.

Author Info:
David Wygant a leading personal dating coach, dating advice professional and image-maker. For 20 years David Wygant has worked to earn the trust of American men and women looking to transform their love lives. David has a wealth of free dating advice available including free dating videos.

Dating After 40 in LA: Cool Place to Meet Midlife Singles in Los Angeles Is Dinner and Music

Meeting midlife singles in the Los Angeles area can be quite a daunting challenge. The pick up singles bar scene is really geared towards the under 35 year old glamor crowd. It’s unfortunate. Alternatively, is online dating your only other option? Internet dating sites are great, but you do still want to get out, meet people, and have a social life. You really do never know where love will find you. By aiming to frequent fun, hip, and cool venues around LA county, you take care of both needs. Discover how to leverage dinner and music venues for meeting more people, and maybe get your next Saturday night date. Read on.

Genghis Cohen in Hollywood meets such a criteria. The restaurant is cool and hip with great Chinese food. It still manages to retain a down to earth feel to it and the attractive crowd of clientele it regularly attracts from throughout the Southern California region.

Such musical talents as Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements are among the kind of award winning local musicians which Genghis Cohen feature. Typically the live music starts at 8:30 pm. Of course, to get your order in and be eating your meal, and maybe just grazing on what’s left, you’ll want to have your dinner reservation at 7:00 pm, no later than a 7:30 pm seating reservation.

However, since you’re single, you are not exclusively focused on the award winning musicians from throughout Southern California featured on stage. Now are you solely focused on the excellent Chinese food cuisine which you’ll be getting to nosh on tonight.

Because you’re single, you want to do what you can to leverage the crowd which are drawn to both the great Chinese food and the accompanying music. How can you do that?

First, yes, absolutely do phone early for a Saturday night show and get your reservation made earlier in the week. Then plan that you’ll be wearing something casual and a little impressive. This is Los Angeles. You can always dress to impress and fit right in. Do aim to dress attractively so others can read from your body language grooming and styling signals that you are available and interested.

Then do aim to arrive about 60 – 90 minutes prior to your dinner reservation. Genghis Cohen has a bar. Where can you comfortably chat with strangers across from you at an LA restaurant? You can do chat across the aisle in the bar area.

Here are some ice breaker conversation starters you can use when Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements are performing. Substitute alternate text when it is a different musicians group there that night:

Have you ever heard Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements perform before?How did you hear of Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements?Have you ever eaten at Genghis Cohen before?What is your favorite dish here at Genghis Cohen?Which of Tracy’s songs is your favorite?

Have fun enjoying the great food, live music, and new people you’ll meet!

Los Angeles based Midlife Dating Expert and Professional Internet Dating Profile Writer empowers single men and women to find the love relationship they deserve. Combining her fun humor with a compassionate approach, Online Dating Coach and After 40 Dating Expert, April Braswell leads singles classes and workshop in the LA area of Southern California.

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Sex and the Sagacious Septuagenarian Ready, Get Sex, Go!

There’s no way I’m going to give it up,” claims Lois, a “70 mumble- mumble” year young “senior still having sex”. The retired Minneapolis bookkeeper is no long dating books but booking dates. “I’ll do it till I die… and die if I don’t keep doing it.”

The Beducation:
It’s true: Time is a thief -stealing our youth and bodies and virility. Conventional beliefs portray sexuality as confined to the domains of the 18-40 year olds, with the idea that once someone retires from their job, they also retire from sex. Think of this of some kind of strange and twisted logic — and defy it. While the obvious may come into play (or not, for that matter), consider what is most important to you: keeping up with or keeping it up. With the first wave of baby boomers entering their 60s, older adults make up the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. Yet the lack of reliable information about how sexual activity and function might change with age and illness, not to mention sexually transmitted diseases, combined with taboos around discussing sex in later life, contributes to worry or even shame for many older adults. “This shouldn’t be the case,” insists Paul Hammond, MFT, a relationship specialist and lifestyle coach in San Diego who specializes in senior issues. “If people are ready and willing to change antiquated attitudes, they’re ready and willing to make specific changes.”

We Must We Must We Must Improve Our Lust
Let’s own it: Just plain aging, medical conditions and treatments can interfere functioning. American men spend more than a billion dollars each year on medications to improve sexual function. Despite frequent problems, 38% of men and 22% of women discussed sex with a physician since the age of 50. Men were more likely to do so, perhaps because effective drugs are available. Nearly 14% of men reported taking medication specifically to improve sexual function. The most common female problems included low sexual desire, vaginal lubrication difficulties and inability to climax and a 2007 study in the New England Journal of Medicine, reported that 73 percent of those in the 57 to 64 age group and 53 percent of those 65 to 74 reported engaging in sex with a partner in a the previous year. Among 75- to 85-year-olds, about 36 percent were still sexually active.

Bun Shy?

Lose the Lard-wear
Are you a walking sightmare? Seriously? No simpleton routines: Although Oprah famously claimed that her personality wasn’t in her thighs, if there’s a need to downsize, lose the lies and alibis. “My husband left me after 20 years,” laments Georgia, a New York native who admitted “letting myself go…. I bought into the stereotype of love is love and believed my appearance didn’t matter. I believed my husband ‘still loved me,’ but I didn’t own up to the fact that he was no longer attracted to me. By the time it hit me it was too late. He and his little 20 something year old are expecting their first child any day now.” Truly, health is wealth, especially in the bedroom. For both men and women, people who rated their health as poor were less likely to be sexual active and more likely to report sexual problems. Overall, 38% of the men in the study and 22% of the women reported ever having discussed sex with their doctor after age 50.

So this one is obvious. Get out of the boredom and into the bedroom: Vogue may never stampede you but you owe it to yourself and any potential partner to take care of yourself. Look in the mirror and be objective. With the plethora of lotions, potions, props, docs and paraphernalia that was non-existent a generation ago is readily available. Instead of being a whole lot of blub, lose the lardwear and get off that couch and get rid of that pouch!!

Go For The Bold
“Where in the world would I find somebody?” asks a genuinely befuddled Lewis, a 72 year old widower who “hasn’t dated anyone in 52 years and hasn’t the faintest idea where to start.” The retired St. Paul butcher married his high school sweetheart at 19 and recently lost her to cancer. “And besides,” he laments, “at my age, where would I even look?” With that attitude, it’s time to leave the naysayers and be a playsayer: “There are lots of avenues open to everybody these days,” says Linda Lewis, a Las Vegas matchmaker specializing in senior affairs. “A little social networking may be all you need. Use some caution and prudence and give it a go!”

Mate Fate
You don’t necessarily need to lock down forever with somebody but a little companionship can do wonders. In case you haven’t read the recent statistics, loneliness can make fast work of even the most physically healthy senior. The Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons estimates that 15.4 percent of men and women over 50 are divorced, 6.25 percent have never been married and 4.4 percent are widowed. In fact, residents of assisted living and such facilities are privy to such features as a staff recreation therapist; that is, practically 24/7 camaraderie: coffee clatches, bingo, you know. What are the effects of chronic loneliness? According to recent research, chronic loneliness is a serious, life-threatening condition. At least one study has empirically correlated it with an increased risk of cancer, especially for those who hide their loneliness from the outside world and it is also associated with increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Loneliness has been directly correlated with depression and is a high risk factor for suicide, alcoholism and substance abuse. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we? So look outside your

The Magic Potion to Restore the HE-Motion?
So what do you think? Men reported erectile dysfunction as the most common problem, with 37% reporting some level of difficulty achieving an erection. Of all the men in the study, 14% were taking some form of medication for sexual function.

A representative sample of 3,005 U.S. adults ages 57 to 85 (men and women) found that sexual activity varied by age:

73% of Americans aged 57 to 64 reported being sexual active53% of those aged 65 to 74 reported being sexual active

For both men and women, people who rated their health as poor were less likely to be sexual active and more likely to report sexual problems. Overall, 38% of the men in the study and 22% of the women reported ever having discussed sex with their doctor after age 50 and: women reported less sexual activity than men, perhaps because of the shorter life expectancies of men; that is, there are less men to engage in sex in the older age groups.

But wait: There is hope – and help. There are numerous possibilities:

Herbal remediesAcupunctureAcupressureMeditation/YogaStress reducing activitiesExercisePharmaceuticals


A consult with your health care provider can help put you back on track and back in the sack!

Get Bedder and Bedder

The Joys of Toys
Feeling fun shy? There’s a plethora of pleasures just waiting for you and your mate –so why hesitate? If it’s consensual, give it a go. According to recent stats, seniors make up a much larger population of game players in the world of toys. Let’s hear it for the joys!

No More Excuses! Start living and loving! Make it a point to:

Schedule an appointment with your health care provider for a complete physical.Discuss all medications you currently use with your health care provider. It is possible some may impede your ability to perform.Maintain a healthy weight (this should be obvious).Watch your diet (see above).Discuss the possibility of medications to improve or restore libido.Consider sexual enhancements (again, see above)Consider social networking sites.

So have fun and start living!

Kristina Diener, PsyD, FAAETS, SAP is a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma related to divorce and assault. Contact Kristina at or visit

Senior Women: How to Totally Relax on Your First Dates

You want to be as relaxed and confident as possible when meeting him for the first few times. Finally finding a woman who is confident is a real turn-on for a man. He doesn’t really know you yet, and he will be watching how you conduct yourself to confirm his decision to date you and spend his time and money on you. Yes, men are that practical in the back of their minds.

What he is looking for is someone who makes him feel good when he is with her. Yes, he is that selfish and looking for what is in it for him. To be honest, we all do that when dating the first few times.

What you want to do is have fun and not be so obsessed with his approval of you. The more you are relaxed and appear to him to be having fun, he will be intrigued with you, and therefore, he will find you more interesting and unlike other girls who he is dating. You will put yourself above the crowd and have fun at the same time!

The way you do this is easy and fun! As you are with him, keep these things in mind.

Before you go out with him have a talk with yourself and say…I really like this guy and I don’t want to look nervous and blow my chances so I will be smart and at the same time really enjoy myself.

I will totally understand that men don’t want women to agree with everything they say or take the position that whatever the guy wants to do is fine with them. They secretly hate that! They really don’t want to date a clone of themselves that is boring! If they wanted that they would stay home.

Men want women who have their own opinions on things and who are not afraid to state what those opinions are. They don’t care about you disagreeing with what they think, nor do they want you to agree with everything they say. But be careful, they don’t want a woman who rants on and on about how she hates this or that or complains about everything including men and how unfair the world is as if she is the poor victim. That is living from a weak, powerless position. That is the makings of a last date with him. He is thinking that his woman can’t make a success of her own life, why would I want her in mine?

Remember the 75 /25 rule. Ask him questions, get him to talk about himself to find out more about him, if he asks you a questions, give a good, brief answer in a positive way and turn it back over to him!

Remember the WHOLE idea is to have FUN on your dates and NOT to desperately try to impress him.

Now go out, relax and have fun!

Written by Betty L Nelson

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