10 Reasons He Won’t Commit

1. The mindset of a man

You first have to understand the mindset of MOST men. Especially younger men. A lot of men when single feel they can free roam the world and seek out a partner. When they find a partner that they are completely crazy for, they will love to settle down with them. However, if you’re not that person for that guy, then his mind goes into a different mode. He thinks of it as “Is this woman really worth giving up all these other women in the world?” It’s sad but true. Because of this, he plays the woman as “insurance”. Insurance meaning he keeps her around as a potential partner but doesn’t want to get involved just incase something better comes along. Because of this, friends with benefits is formed and the phrase “we’re talking/dating” is used to describe your status. Your job is to let him know you are the girl to be with. A lot of girls do it wrong and say “It’s my way or the highway” which means to the man that you’re going to commit or not have me. Well, the guy will probably choose not to have you. NEVER FORCE A GUY INTO ANYTHING. DON’T THREATEN HIM. The rest of this article will show you how to increase your chances to meet a guy.

2. He feels he is losing his freedom

A lot of men also feel that they are losing their freedom when they get into a relationship. Your job (at first) is to let him have his freedom. Don’t let him walk over you but never tell him he can’t do something in the beginning of the relationship. Let him have fun but also let him know you are too. Don’t stand around waiting for him to call or come home. If he is going out to party then you should go hang with your girls.

3. You’re not what he is looking for

You probably just gave off a bad first impression. Guys know if you’re dating potential within the first minute of meeting you. If you already screwed up, then blow it off and STOP TRYING. Never chase a guy. Stick your head up, smile, laugh, dress real cute, and have fun. Show him what he missed out on. Literally, show him.

4. He is immature and doesn’t know what he wants

If he is a younger guy, then it’s not you it’s him. He doesn’t know what he wants. He wants to play the field. If that is the case, let him and go have fun. Just as mentioned in number 3, don’t chase him. Have fun and let him know you don’t need him. That is the best thing you can do to a guy. Men hate it when a girl feels they don’t need him. It’s in men’s primal instinct to be the provider and leader. When a woman takes that role away and shows she can do it better, you have his attention.

5. Your confidence level

This is the most important one. You have to be confident. In fact this is so important I would say it’s the most important tip EVER on how to get men. I would say nothing comes close to it. It’s all about how you carry yourself. You have to be sure of yourself or no man will. I know numerous men who say that they want a girl who is confident and who knows what she wants. Your body language is key. Look at a guy, smirk, and go turn your head away and go back to what you were doing. Talk with your hands. Laugh a lot. Be the leader within your group of girls.

6. You’re clingy

I put this and number 7 on just for the fact that they are the biggest turn offs to men. Nothing is worse than the clingers who suffocate you. It just brings down a guy’s whole day.

7. You’re the jealous type

Same as above. You don’t want to be the jealous type and bring up everything that you think is wrong. The guy will get annoyed and push you away. Not only that, it makes you look really unattractive.

8. Men are shallow

Men are very shallow. That is just fact. He feels you’re not attractive enough for him. I recommend checking out my article “How to Look Better Instantly by Correcting These 5 Things Part One”

9. Are you strong and independent?

This is probably the second most attractive trait to a man. Two reasons for this. First off, it’s sexy to see a girl who can take care of herself and is willing to do whatever she has to to get to where she has to go. Secondly, I know a lot of men who want to be the provider for a girl when in a relationship since it’s in their nature but, it is still a responsibility he has to take up. Show him that you’re able to take of yourself is a huge turn on and a weight off his shoulders.

10. You’re forcing it

You’re trying to hard. Stop. Relax. Back off him. This is really ugly to men. Just work on you and men will follow. That is the best tip out there. Women worry about impressing men. If you just take the time and be you and work on bettering yourself, men will flock towards you. I promise.

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