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Dating online

is the newest way to go into a relationship. It is the easiest way to know people. But, do you think, you can really know them? Is it a good way to meet your “prince” or “princess”? Is it dangerous? Let us explain some of good and bad sides of dating online.

According to a survey made with a group of men, the vast majority of them preferred dating online , rather than knowing someone by meeting them personally. When they were asked why they preferred this kind of relationship, they replied that it was more entertaining and sometimes even more fruitful.

“You can be in touch with a lot of girls in the same time” said Adam from Washington.” You are not embarrassed while you talk. I don’t know how it happens, it just happens. No emotions, no fear, you have nothing to lose. When you get to know somebody personally, sometimes the words go away, you become overstressed, speechless, your emotions let you down and you just fail”

While Adam, explains how he knew his wife through dating online.

“Five years ago, I entered into a Russian dating page. All I wanted was to chat with these beautiful, tall, elegant ladies, but I was not looking for a ‘Russian bride’. “This extraordinary woman- says he while addressing to his wife- gave me a marvelous son. He’s two years old now. So, if you want a really caring and lovely person, go look for a Russian woman”- he laughs.

Well, Adam was lucky. However, it doesn’t always work like this. Dating online is sometimes dangerous, too. There are a lot of fake people around. A lot of girls have dual purposes. They may be looking for their ‘prey’, and they behave so good until they find it, devour what they want and then disappear… Almost the same thing happens with boys, too. They may pretend like they are girls just to meet their needs. Another disadvantage of dating online is that hackers are all around. Sexual maniacs, too. So we should always be very careful!

To sum up, dating online may be a good way to get into a relationship, but the best advice I could give is: Never be so confident until you know him / her directly. Small steps are always safer. An old proverb quotes: “Better alone than in bad company”. Do not forget: Evil is greedy!